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Proud Boys member blames Trump for inciting Capitol riot

Proud Boys member blames Trump for inciting Capitol riot

An attorney representing Proud Boys member Dominic Pezzola, for his alleged involvement in the Capitol riot, blasted former President Trump’s ’deception’ of millions of his supporters. A court filing says Pezzola was responding to ’the entreaties of the then commander in chief, President Trump.’ The filing adds ’there was no rational basis,’ for the claim ’the election had been stolen.’

Nathaniel 3 months

I’m fairly certain at no point did Trump actually call for violence. Whatever the case they’re just being used to promote the “orange man bad “ mindset

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 3 months

You will confess to a lot when threatened with an indefinite stay at Gitmo.

Fred V
Fred V 3 months

These people do realize Trump's comments are historical record, correct? Anyone can reference them in clearly see there was no call to incite violence. Clearly the Spooks have gotten to this guy. Or he is just that dumb,

IvoryDove 3 months

"We'll accept a plea agreement. You plead that Trump made you do it, and we'll cut you slack!" appears to be the plan.

J. S. Dietrich
J. S. Dietrich 3 months

Are they finally realizing that Trump thew them under the bus?

B 3 months

Lawyer and client know they will be tried in a liberal court. They are playing the card they think will help. No matter how much crap they know the defense is...

mike 3 months

That wasn't President Trump, that was all the dems, since they breached the capital building at 930, Trump supporters weren't even there until after 2pm

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 3 months

Even though Trump is on camera explicitly saying to March peacefully... how is that incitement? Unless the term "peaceful" has lost all meaning

Ian.. 3 months

Of course hes going to say that; he's defending a client. I would love to see what trump said that incited violence. Everyone keeps saying he did but I havent found a single quote to support that claim.

Aleks 3 months

You do not need to explicitly call for violence, which he did. He knew perfectly well what to say to cause his despicable supporters to get into the action he wanted. Many people on this app just confirm this everyday with their disingenuous comments. Trump belongs in jail. He has blood on his hands.

berlani 3 months

I'm an intelligent Republican. I recognize someone employing the "Art of War". I know ignorance, desperation and fear when I hear it, "would injecting a disinfectant work?" I know narcissistic desperation and fear when I hear it -too many quotes to write here from the entire morning of speeches on January 6th. I am a Republican that can respond with intelligent non-emotional subjective observation, hense the ability to think for myself. I am a Republican who recognizes someone who is egomaniacal, who is only looking out for his best interest, ignoring a dying and sick populace trying to secure power he already lost because of his priorities. I'm a Republican who can recognize someone who simply wants to control people, and have the entire audience of the world know that he can. I am a Republican who does not support Donald Trump.

JB1987 3 months

I'm a trump supporter and I never assumed he meant to storm the capital nor drink clorax . Sounds like someone will do anything to get off the hook

Aleks 3 months

Fight like hell to stop the steal... hmm will that cause any violence ... let me see... well liberate Michigan did the trick in Michigan... great now I can do it Nation wide with even more gusto. Fortunately I have some d.u.m.b supporters that would ruin their life for me. Not that I care. D.J.T.

William 3 months

Every time I hear about the "Proud Boys", my mind always thinks of that song "Where The Down Boys Go" by Warrant. "Where the Proud Boys Goooooooooooo......"

bogdan 3 months

Wait, wait China Binden will clear this out. Just a minute Q gives the last instructions 🍿

Ken Williams
Ken Williams 3 months

I was approached by a local Proud Boys chapter and emailed by Gavin McGinnis in 2017 to join the Proud Boys and make videos for them. After the chapter leader sent me a link to his Soundcloud rapping, I declined. It was the worst music I've ever heard in my life.

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 3 months

Now the MSM wants to hear from a “proud boy”??? Didn’t the MSM tell us the “proud boys” are a bunch of : alt-right, neo not-c, white supremacist, fascist, xenophobic, homophobic people that talk in movie theaters? But now we can get their story? What changed?

Aleks 3 months

Yes nobody respects a traitor. There are many here in the comments section ready to be next wave of insurrectionists ... I see your future... looks like his...

Idaho Liberal
Idaho Liberal 3 months

Funny how quickly they turn in their “leader” when faced with real life consequences for blindly following his lies. Trump is a disgrace to this country and his followers are finally realizing they have been duped all along.

Darknimbus3 3 months

What a bunch of croc! People covering their own butts when the time comes to stand up for what is right. >.<

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