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Transcript of Ukraine call by Giuliani released

Transcript of Ukraine call by Giuliani released

A transcript has surfaced of Rudy Giuliani putting pressure on the Ukrainian Govt. to open an investigation into the Biden family. The transcript is of a call between Giuliani and two Ukrainian officials. According to the transcript, Giuliani does not make overt threats but repeatedly warned the Ukrainians ’to be careful.’ One of the officials said he will assist an investigation of Giuliani.

O'Brien 2 weeks

So? They’re criminals in the Ukraine as well as the US. Nice work Rudy. Unfortunately too many people making too much money to get any result.

Barry MC
Barry MC 2 weeks

If you think any of these major politicians and their buddies aren't corrupt, I envy your sunny optimism.

Elliot 2 weeks

Does Trump have something on this guy or what? IDK how anyone could be like this for Trump but hey, I didn't yet read the transcript and for what it's worth, they're all crooked IDC what colors they are today.

zJamz 2 weeks

Pretty sure the call was made during a time when Hunter was under investigation by the FBI.

Tristan Elstrom
Tristan Elstrom 2 weeks

Corrupt people calling corrupt people to punish other corrupt people. Cool

jennifer 2 weeks

Just another time that rich ppl will get away with whatever they want.

Vinciini83 2 weeks

Sounds like another "perfect" phone call to me, lol!

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