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Asian American seniors targeted in Bay Area attacks

Asian American seniors targeted in Bay Area attacks

A recent surge of xenophobic violence against Asian Americans in the San Francisco Bay Area has left one person dead and several others injured, leading to business and civil rights groups in California demanding action against the same. The assaults, which have taken place mostly during the day, have rattled nerves in communities ahead of Friday’s Lunar New Year holiday.

Brandon Fitzgerald
Brandon Fitzgerald 2 months

"It's unclear whether the crimes were racially motivated" "In the Oakland assault, the district attorney's office is investigating whether there is enough evidence to support hate crime charges" "his office has "no evidence of what motivated this senseless attack,"" "No arrest has been made, and there is no indication the robbery was race-related" "police were investigating but did not answer questions about whether the incident may have been motivated by race" If anti-asian hate crimes were so rampant, you'd think they could come up with better incidents to use as examples.

Zach 2 months

It's those damn white nationalists again... Oh.. I don't see the race of the attackers boasted prominently on the headlines. I wonder why that is.

Mozgus 2 months

Not a peep about the race of the attackers, as usual. Videos are online where you can see the skin color of the perps, but I don't need to watch those. I know who did the crimes. Amish people. It must be them.

Seekster 2 months

Must be all those Trump supporters in San Francisco. Seriously though you ever notice how so many actually racist acts seem to happen in leftist strongholds?

Rocky 2 months

This is Pelosi's district. She must condone this sort of behavior. Clearly she is harboring a growing racist community.

Ned_Flanders 2 months

Guns & shit like these really makes me sacred to apply to work in America. I feel so conflicted between working for my dream company or not getting killed. Yall gotta fix this shit at some point.

Jerry Mandering
Jerry Mandering 2 months

But San Francisco is a utopian city in a utopian state, how could anything bad come from these wonderful cities where crime isn’t punished, drug use and and public defecation are the norm? This is how the Democrats want to see the rest of the country now, enjoy while you can...

tim 2 months

San Francisco is not a safe place. Especially for older people. Pore government and high costs of living rendered it unfitting place

geckouni 1 months

Woman Attacked in SF Wants Donation Money to Be Given to Asian American Community Xiao Zhen Xie insists that the more than $900,000 raised for her be donated to combat racism, her family says

Mike 2 months

And who are they targeted by?'s a hint..not white supremacists

MachineGunHunt 2 months

The most progressive city in the world right?

Jon 2 months

Ah, California. So progressive, much tolerant.

Patty 2 months

Poor misunderstood black youths

Robo 2 months

No race mentioned so we all know who did it

Arthur 2 months

Pelosi and her monounsaturated to blame for this its time for her to go just like Trump!

wilhemena 2 months

the Tong should unleash some social justice

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