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Yoshiro Mori resigns as Tokyo Games chief after outrage over sexist remarks

Yoshiro Mori resigns as Tokyo Games chief after outrage over sexist remarks

Yoshiro Mori resigned Friday as the president of the Tokyo Olympic organizing committee after an outrage over his sexist comments. Mori, who is a former Japanese prime minister, had quipped that ’to outdo each other, women tend to talk too much and drag meetings.’ The International Olympics Committee had condemned Mori’s remark and hundreds of Games volunteers quit over it.

Tom A
Tom A
Montgomery 4 months

No nuance is allowed these days. It could have led to a indicative fact based discussion that workshops and changes his mind and the mind of others. But naah... weeellll do the fascist thing and block the discussion and anyone who opposes the current accepted narrative. Because the last thing we want is dialogue. You will conform and you will obey , otherwise you will be fired and left penniless And this is pushed by people claiming to be anti fascist?

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 4 months

When a man made a comment they didn’t like the strong and brave women cried and screamed to make the bad man go away. That made them ...stronger? I think the best way to prove Mori wrong would be ... to prove Mori wrong and get the job done.

wilhemena 4 months

just for speaking the truth?

K. 4 months

People need to lighten up. He was just stating an observation.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 4 months

So insane when you speak the truth you get punished

ConcealCarryProtect 4 months

His leaving response was "You nag like women, I go, I go. Geez."

Bart 4 months

But, what he said is generally true.

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