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Three GOP senators meet with Trump’s lawyers

Three GOP senators meet with Trump’s lawyers

Three GOP senators met with former President Trump’s defense team Thursday. Sens. Graham, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee were reported to be in the meeting. Trump lawyer David Schoen said the trio just wanted to make sure they were ’familiar with procedure’ on the eve of their rebuttal. Asked if it’s appropriate to meet with senators during the trial, Schoen said ’that’s the practice of impeachment.’

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 2 months

With this “impeachment” the MSM and the Dems have a problem with three senators meeting with a lawyer. It’s called “prep” and it’s done in every trial, even the sham trials we’ve been forced to watch courtesy of the Democrats. Funny how the MSM had no problems with Dems talking with “impeachment” lawyers before they presented.

Erich 2 months

Are they seriously questioning whether any senator is remaining impartial during this impeachment? The Chief Justice of our highest court found these proceedings as purely political and not comporting to the constitution. How could any impartiality exist at this point?

Kevin 2 months

So GOP senators talking to lawyers is out of bounds but having the Democratic senator as the judge of this farce is totally fair right do you people realize how ridiculous you sound

Tyler 2 months

Three great examples of party over Country.

Jon 2 months

Impartial what? Two justice systems in America. One where smoking pot puts you in jail and another where you can basically do anything without consequences.

Eric 2 months

Republicans are hypocrites. Republican senators held hearings on the us consulate in Benghazi and impeached Bill Clinton over getting a blow job and liing about it. But it’s ok to lie about an election being stollen and inciting an insurrection?

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