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Twitter permanently suspends Project Veritas account

Twitter permanently suspends Project Veritas account

Twitter permanently suspended the account of journalist group Project Veritas citing ’repeated violations’ of the company’s rules on sharing other people’s private information. The ban came after Project Veritas posted leaked clips a day earlier from a meeting with Facebook execs where they discuss development of censorship tools. The account of founder James O’Keefe was also temporarily locked.

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 3 months

It's because they exposed them. This is disgraceful. Big tech power and influence needs to be expunged

Bart 3 months

Ahh, the oligarchic Socialism is kicking in full force I see. No dissenting opinions or voices are allowed only "unity" and "diversity".

Milkshake 3 months

So when it comes to Left-leaning "journalists" exposing private information of teenagers during Covington and calling for their deaths, and blacklists from employment for life, and also cancelation of their parents and blacklists for them too, it was all fine and dandy since Leftists were of course punching up by attacking kids. But when investigative journalists expose corporate fascism and punch up it's all a big no-no. I'm laughing my sides off, you Westerners are peak entertainment.

David8029 3 months

"When you tear out a man's tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you're only telling the world that you fear what he might say."

Tetelestai 3 months

"liberty dies in darkness." the left doesn't want you to know what they are doing to destroy liberty, freedom and the US Constitution. they are despots and traitors.

Csaba 3 months

Censorship, cancel culture, and wokeness from the left is turning America to something it was not intended to be. The government along with big tech is controlling our lives.

Michael 3 months

People talking about this being covered up all the while it being reported by CNN and Fox, two of the biggest networks in the world, representing both sides of the political divide. Where do people get this garbage?

Montgomery 3 months

Ive always thought that the elites will take back control (democracy is only post French revolution and then snowballing so say 150 years old) Thought they would do it with a fake alien invasion But now seems like they have a different strategy they are trying out. To quote prince Charles "people will not own property and will be happier" sounds quite a lot like the monarchy system that we revolted against

Kevin 3 months

This is my first comment on news voice. I appreciate what news voice is trying to do. I noticed one of the rules to comment is to respect the opinion of others. Which I do. Sadly the story I'm commenting on is about Twitter not respecting the opinion of others. It's about Twitter's desperate effort to continuously control the narrative. I would say their desperate attempt to cover the truth. And I know they have a myriad of arguments as to why they should be allowed to censor anyone they want. But that does not make censorship right.

KYLE 3 months

F*ck all censorship, d*mn corporate elites who care nothing of the first amendment, his banning jusitifies his cause

IvoryDove 3 months

A "Whistle-blower" provides information of criminal or unethical behavior by powerful organizations. Twitter is punishing a whistle-blower for doing just that.

Scott 3 months

This article is a bunch of whirling bullsh*t. Project Veritas is NOT a ‘conservative activist group’ they are an organization that conducts REAL, HONEST JOURNALISM through undercover interviews ( the way it USED to be done). PV has done NOTHING that other less honest media outlets have not done, but Twitter is penalizing them for investigating the bias of social media platforms themselves.

Brutus 3 months

This is why the Ted Kaczynski would send packages to people like this. If he sent packages to all these social media tycoons, I don’t think anyone would be sad.

Ironborn Pyke
Ironborn Pyke 3 months

The left is already worried lol. Today there were party members complaining -" now that Trump is gone our fundraising is dwindling". They actually said we have to keep Trump active so we can fundraise off him again.

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 3 months

Ok folks. This is real simple. Twitter is not in any way registered as a news site and is therefore liable. If people cannot follow the rules they are sudpended or blocked. I will however concede a serious bias on Facebook.

Theodore E.
Theodore E. 3 months

“Permanently suspends” is a contradiction of terms. Suspended implies that you can, at some point, come back. Permanently negates the word “suspended”

Skot 3 months

If you still have a major social media account, you're foolish. If you need it for your business, you had better start transitioning.

Meliannos 3 months

These right wingnut comments are hysterical. All the faux outrage about the awful, terrible, horrible, mean, nasty oligarchic socialist media censoring the righteous (self-righteous) words of other self-righteous right wingnuts. Pre-Trump, most of the social media giants were criticized by the left because of their wealthy, Republican, establishment corporate status. Now, when any media outlet restricts the proliferation of lies, disinformation, incitement to violence, antivaxism, etc., the trump tinfoil hat contingent screams like a mashed cat. Perpetual Victims. Maybe their victim status is why they feel they need to be so heavily armed. I feel the need to take an AK-47 when I go to Starbucks, don’t you? For Walmart I need the AK-47, my Glock in it’s shoulder holster & my Sig 9mm in my right sock holster. Jesus, if go to a monster truck show, I need all of that & my shoulder launched RPG! Seriously, people, you should really make a truth-based reassessment of your world. If you can get to a truth-based view - If your IQ is higher than a hockey score - If you are losing friends & family because YOU scare them. Your world is a terrifying place because you believe the Big Lie sold to you by trump & his minions. I say he sold it to you, because he literally did exactly that. He raised hundreds of millions of dollars off you guys for his defense fund. Which actually went directly into his own pockets. He’s a guy who is BFFs with Putin. You don’t see anything wrong with that? Of all of the people singing his praises, who took those murderous actions at the Capitol, you think they are patriots? It was patriots who shit on those mosaic tile floors? Patriots who pissed on the figures in Statuary Hall? Patriots who smeared shit on the walls of the Rotunda? I gotta agree, only real America-loving patriots would behave that way in the sacred halls of Congress. Only real lovers of the Constitution would take violent action to stop the Constitutionally-mandated actions of a joint meeting of the House & Senate. You need to barf out the koolaid & take a real hard look at what you’re saying, doing & teaching your children.

Brutus 3 months

Project Veratas is a JOURNALIST group the fake mainstream media companies are ACTIVIST groups. Know the difference!

MachineGunHunt 3 months

I bet they will keep Twitter accounts like Turning Point and other conservative groups that just collect money from donations and do nothing.

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