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New Amazon app raises concerns

New Amazon app raises concerns

The app Mentor from Amazon is raising concerns over it’s tracking of drivers and possible pressure it may put on them

James 3 months

Just waiting for the monocle and the white Persian cat to complete Amazon's final domination in the marketplace. I, for one, won't use their services. If the item is only available on Amazon, I'll do without.

Charles 3 months

Stop spending your hard earned dollars with this Communist corporation. Jeff Bezos is a goon.

Idiot Prole
Idiot Prole 3 months

I think being able to track where a driver is when you're expecting a delivery is very useful. Having their performance tracked as an internal metric is different to being nagged on the road. A camera nagging you for getting angry at idiots on the road is going to make you more angry. I couldn't work with a camera watching my every move. A camera watching the road for accident evidence or to help resolve driving complaints is again something I'd be "meh" about. But staring at me whilst I'm driving? No. Just no. A performance app that nags you to speed up and then a driving camera that detects stress and barks "calm down employee or your behaviour will be flagged". Madness.

Spaceghost 3 months

One could just chose not to work for Amazon...

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