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Justin Timberlake apologizes to Janet Jackson, Britney Spears

Justin Timberlake apologizes to Janet Jackson, Britney Spears

Justin Timberlake issued an apology to both his former girlfriend Britney Spears and Janet Jackson, after he was criticized for his treatment of Spears following the release of a New York Times documentary following her rise to fame and legal struggles. The documentary has said that Timberlake painted Spears as unfaithful, in the press, following their split.

nacho 2 months

Janet Jackson was wearing an outfit matching nipple pastie and he was singing about having her "naked by the end of this song". Her leather costume would need to have modifications to allow just the breast garment to be cleanly ripped away. The PR line was "wardrobe malfunction", but now can we just admit these ppl did it on purpose for the act. When the puritans of America decided it was bad, they lied. They should have just said, "it's art, deal with it", and then face the wrath of Americans with stick up their tuckus opinions. This isn't a story about Timberlake's misogyny. It's about how a celebrity female couldnt handle the fallout from her own jezebel maneuver. If you're going to change the culture, go strong and stay the course. Hold your head up high and stubbornly refuse the apologize, even with a titty hanging out your leather bdsm dress on the Superbowl field. #freethenip

Jerk 🍖
Jerk 🍖 2 months

Its all part of the show. These arent accidents.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 2 months

Captain Cuck soyboy.

Taft Tibbs
Taft Tibbs 2 months

Thought it was too late to apologize.... I mean the song made it seem time sensitive and all. Gotta check the experation.

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