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Mandalorian star Gina Carano booted out from show over ’abhorrent’ social posts

Mandalorian star Gina Carano booted out from show over ’abhorrent’ social posts

Gina Carano, who plays Cara Dune in ’The Mandalorian,’ has been dropped from the hit Star Wars-based series after – what Lucasfilm said – was ’abhorrent and unacceptable’ social media posts. Carano had posted some Instagram stories that were widely interpreted as comparing Republicans with Jews under Nazi rule. Although she deleted her posts, there was a backlash spurring #FireGinaCarano to trend.

Matt 2 months

Kinda proving her point though. Media has been fanning flames for a long time, selling our attention by evoking our outrage until we hate each other for almost no reason. Now she loses her job because, and they'll say it's hate speech, when it's just speech that they hate. Cancel culture tells a company what we don't want, and attacks unthinkingly. We permit authority to take action against us for minor infractions of feelings, then complain about feeling powerless. We gave it up, and we keep giving it up, every time we appeal for authority to take action. Remember the sword you ask to be used on your enemies, is the same sword that will be used against you in time.

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 2 months

"Jews were beaten in the streets, not by Nazi soldiers but by their neighbours.... even by children." The actor continued to say, "Because history is edited, most people today don't realize that to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews, the government first made their own neighbours hate them simply for being Jews. How is that any different from hating someone for their political views?" How is this controversial? How is she denigrating people based on their religion as licasfilm alleged? She should sue, I'd be happy to donate to her legal funds

Darth Vader
Darth Vader 2 months

The left we like strong women in our movies and TV shows. The left when these women and minoritys think differently then them: sexist, racist and all the other buzz words they like to use.

Rocky 2 months

Nothing she said was controversial. She is a great actress and a person with good character. This is another loss for Disney in it's relentless charge to losing it's moral compass.

Beefy G
Beefy G 2 months

Don't take the media's spin on this, go look at her tweets yourself then decide if she is wrong.

Milkshake 2 months

Here's how this started: Gina refused to put pronouns in her bio as Twitter masses tried to compel her to force her to conform to politics, so they did what the bottom barrel of Humanity that is Twitter do best and started digging everything and anything about her and making up things to try to defame and cancel her. Also her statements in primary focus are at best insensitive if you really reach and stretch like a desperate unhinged animal, and not by any definition antisemite or "abhorrent". In fact, her statement was proven correct with a recent Left-leaning Journalist Virginia Heffernan caught melting down over her Trump-voter-neighbor's kid snowplowing and cleaning her lawn or whatever and her getting triggered over it and comparing the family to Hezbollah and such.

Josh 2 months

She has gained even more of my respect. Keep on fighting the good fight.

The Oracle8191
The Oracle8191 2 months

This is rich coming from a company that specifically thanked Chinese authorities during their filming of Mulan...authorities that run modern day concentration camps used to actually oppress and terrorize Uygur Muslims.

Tom 2 months

Hoping this will be like James Gunn where Ultimately they go through a performative "cancelling" then just quietly hire them back when no one is looking.

Glen 2 months

She is living proof, that your opinion differs from the lefts point of view, they will try and destroy you. In Nazi Germany you were shot.

coughdrop1989 2 months

Well she isnt lying, she literally voiced her opinion. Freedom of speech. Then you canceled her account and got her fired. I think you actually prooved her point.

S 2 months

In all fairness, her acting ability was the worst out of anyone in that series. Disney made the right choice.

AntiBS 2 months

There's nothing abhorrent in her posts, just the truth. But Disney is just another woke mainstream company now that doesn't tolerate any other opinion than the woke left one.

kris 2 months

All she did was point out that what happened to Jewish folk in the time of Adolph is similar to how cancel culture is becoming today, and they went ahead and canceled her anyway These people are next level dumb. #canceldisneyplus

R D 2 months

There's a difference between hate speech and speech you hate.

Aleks 2 months

I think it’s a lame thing to blame the media. The responsibility for the hate is on everybody. The people that label leftist anyone that is against trump for example. The people that kept saying the election was stolen for months when all the evidence said the contrary. The media is just a megaphone, you can choose to read and watch 3-4 sources with different political bias and use Google to search for information. Spare me the fake outrage. The division is down to the people that do not do anything to gain a balanced view on things.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 2 months

She was literally factually correct in the tweet in question. Just another example of cancel culture and hypocrisy due to not having the right " politics "

K. 2 months

Oh no I loved her character in the Mandolorian. What a shame.

tim 2 months

Steped to fare knowe

Robo 2 months

Proving her point.

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