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Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt resigns amid chaos

Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt resigns amid chaos

Steve Schmidt resigned from the Lincoln Project on Friday, amid a scandal over the group’s handling of alleged sexual harassment of young men by another co-founder and questions about its finances. Schmidt and other Lincoln Project co-founders have said they were not aware of John Weaver’s behavior. Schmidt’s resignation would make room for a female board member.

David 3 months

The best gift to President Lincoln, God rest his soul, will be the disbanding of the Lincoln project.

IvoryDove 3 months

Perverts gonna perv. The whole "Log Cabin Republicans" and now "Lincoln Project" were created for two reasons. 1) promote LGBTPQ 2)Destroy the GOP from the inside.

Sigfried 3 months

Those who "listen and believe" will rag on a pro-Trump person for crazy beliefs but it always seems to be the anti-Trumpers that have scandals like this.

Rocket 3 months

This complete SCUMBAG 💩 PEDOPHILE should be imprisoned for LIFE! Many of the DEMOCRAPS like the Clinto''s, Bide''s, etc. are nothing but FILTHY PEDOPHILE SCUMBAGS!!! Prosecute and jail them ALL!!!

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 3 months

How does that saying about rats and sinking ships go?

Mike 3 months

Loving this..the high and mighty, morally superior rhinos exposed for the world to see

InsaneCommieDemocrat 3 months

This is why you never trust anyone who identifies as anything other than heterosexual. Period.

dsgbob 3 months

What? Homosexuals being immoral? Ya don't say...

Mandraquex3000 3 months

Add a female board member, that will fix everything!

Tulsi Gabbard for Pres 🙏
Tulsi Gabbard for Pres 🙏 3 months

LOL so predictable that it turned into a RINO Ped0 Ring. Same type of people as usual

Randall 3 months

Republicans eating each other.

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