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Biden makes first trip as President to Camp David retreat

Biden makes first trip as President to Camp David retreat

President Joe Biden reached for his first weekend as U.S. president at Camp David, the storied retreat in the mountains of western Maryland. The popular getaway, which is a heavily guarded compound operated by the U.S. Navy, has served as a refuge for Jimmy Carter to fish and George W. Bush to ride his mountain bike. Biden was joined by NSA Jake Sullivan and deputy chief of staff Bruce Reed.

IvoryDove 2 months

Pretend our border is the steps of the US Capitol.... Now Biden is telling the people on the steps he's going to remove the barricades and they can come on in.... Why? Why?

Freedom Nuggets
Freedom Nuggets 2 months

But but but muh super spreaders? But but but the most terrifying super duper deadly virus ever? More useless sucks on the tax system and soon to be fresh votes, that can't read our speak English.

Leonard 2 months

Things liberals have ruined: They've ruined Youth Sports, the News Media, Football, our National Anthem, Universities, nearly all Holidays, the traditional family, California, elections in general, Scouting, and Controlled Immigration. They've ruined schools, social media, masculinity, and Hollywood. They've ruined 'winning', Judges and Courts, Christmas, big cities, and Police. Add to this list of things liberals have ruined: progress made in race relations, dining out in restaurants, women's soccer, health insurance, the Oscars, parades, and marriage. History, prayer, the concept of 'gender', Emergency Rooms flooded with no-pay illegals and hunting and trapping as well as Peaceful Protests, and Energy Independence. They have ruined the Constitutional process and meaning of Impeachment, pancake batter mix, and any chance for realistic measures to adjust to the Earth's natural climate fluxes. I could go on and on. But, let's let our liberal nutjob friends list all the things Republicans have ruined. I can't think of a single one to start with. Waiting... waiting...

Charles 2 months

And 4 people show up. The 4 that voted this fool in.

World 2 months

Pedo Zombie Jo

Cindy 2 months

Who cares about what SLOW JOE IS DOING OR THINKING-- HE DOES NOT MATTER, he does not even know he did not actually win the election or he is not actually the President but very much enjoys acting like a President. Obama is The Shadow President in his basement of corruption. AT LEAST OUR PRESIDENT CAN RUN A SHADOW GOVERMENT FROM FLORIDA OPENLY & TRUTHFULLY & DOES NOT HAVE TO DO IT FROM HIS BASEMENT UNLIKE THE BASEMENT BUNCH FOR BRUNCH & ACTS OF ACTS NEEDED FOR THE DAY.

Que Pasta
Que Pasta 2 months

C'mon man... They're already pre-registered as Democrats!

michael 2 months

This will reduce crime rates, as immigrants statistically commit fewer crimes than native born Americans. It will also increase the federal budget, as they will pay taxes on any job they get. And as much as conservatives like to scare-monger about welfare queens, that literally only happened once.

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