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White House has ’deep concerns’ over WHO Covid-19 report

White House has ’deep concerns’ over WHO Covid-19 report

The White House said it has ’deep concerns’ about the way the findings of the WHO’s COVID-19 report were communicated. NSA Jake Sullivan stressed that the report be independent and free from ’alteration by the Chinese government.’ A spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy shot back, saying the US should not be ’pointing fingers’ at countries that supported the WHO during the pandemic.

coughdrop1989 2 months

Since biden has taken office, roughly 100k people have died directly under his watch in roughly 1 month, he is totally at fault for every single death that has happened from covid since he is the president. Remember when peoole were saying that about Trump?

Barry 2 months

Wait, is this the same White House they was bought by China?

ttocsick 2 months

The WHO is a political entity, not a scientific one.

Pryotra 2 months

I think the White house is effectively a puppet of Winnie the Pooh. =P On a more serious note, I wonder what China and the US will do about the impending credibility/legitimacy crisis. Kinda hard to do business with other nations or even operate government when you have done everything to ensure that no one should trust you.

geckouni 2 months

This is how the western politic and news publications best effort to discriminate the China by just spinning twisted information and truth only for the sole purpose to discredit China.. And such information will normally suppressed by the western so call ‘credible’ and ‘fair’ news and publications.

Srinivas 2 months

And what are they doing about it? Still it enjoys all economic privileges, that's a joke!

Ver 2 months

About time some governments stand up to the bullying US

geckouni 2 months

It seems that the western politic is trying to spread conspiracy again than letting the expert doing their jobs.. sad...

Erich 2 months

The previous administration was deemed xenophobic for expressing these views.

jon 2 months

Yes, I'm sure the current WH is very concerned about the truth leaking out..

wilhemena 2 months

false news

Sherri 2 months

This comment thread is an embarrassment. When did America become proud of abject nonsense spewing?

Zee 705
Zee 705 2 months

So basically everything the Trump admin said was true? Imagine my shock.

Tom 2 months

It wasn't called the Chinese Wuhan flu for nothing

ken taro
ken taro 2 months

didnt the head of the investigation have direct ties to gain of function research concerning coronaviruses in wuhan? might be a bit off on the specifics so dont quote me here, forgot the guys name.

snarley 2 months

The senate just let Trump off AGAIN....why isnt the white house bringing up concerns over that?

Randy 2 months

Biden called China an ally.

Tom 2 months

It's origin is in China admittedly it did leave China and went to America for a little bit of time but then it went back to where it's ancestral home is Wuhan China them are the facts you can twist it anyway you like Winnie the Pooh

Lcifer 2 months

This right here hilarious On Saturday, Sullivan said that Biden's pledge to re-engage the WHO "also means holding it to the highest standards. And at this critical moment, protecting the WHO's credibility is a paramount priority." The credibility that was lost when they helped China try to cover-up the outbreak is already gone just like fuaci with the no mask then mask up fiasco.........

Aniolel Seer
Aniolel Seer 2 months

China this your fault. Plain and simple.

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