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After controversial interview, Chris Harrison stepping aside from ’The Bachelor’

After controversial interview, Chris Harrison stepping aside from ’The Bachelor’

Chris Harrison, the host of ’The Bachelor’ announced he would be ’stepping aside’ from the show ’for a period of time’ after his comment of frontrunner on the current season who came under scrutiny for social media photos from her past. Taking to Instagram, the host and producer of the ABC reality show said ’This historic season of The Bachelor should not be marred or overshadowed by my mistakes.’

David 2 months

“I don’t agree with you politically but I will start a petition to get you fired so you can’t feed you or your family for having wrong think. I will call it racism so people will be forced to agree with me or they will be racist. Fascism: severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition

Seekster 2 months

This reeks of McCarthyism. "You defended who we say is a communist? Then you must be a communist too!" Now replace communist with whatever label you want.

David 2 months

He didn’t say anything racist nor did he defend the girl. He just simply said, to give some grace for her to answer the question herself rather than speculating. This is why I hate social media/ cancel culture. Anyone with followers has influence and anyone with influence has power.

Rocky 2 months

He was shown to have wrong think. Can't be in entertainment and have conservative thoughts. I don't personally care about the bachelor, but with this and Cara Dune the message has been clear for quite a while.

David 2 months

“”While I do not speak for Rachael Kirkconnell, my intentions were simply to ask for grace in offering her an opportunity to speak on her own behalf," he continued. "What I now realize I have done is cause harm by wrongly speaking in a manner that perpetuates racism, and for that I am so deeply sorry. “”

Silence Dogood
Silence Dogood 2 months

Cancel culture at it again. For the ig****nt masses, your social media will be used to persecute you.

Juan 2 months

I love watching yt ppl blame cancel culture instead of the racist for the racist remarks lmao. Like oh yeah there’s a problem with cancel culture but there’s no problem with racism and throwing party’s that romanticize slave era south? Yeah this is why i don’t mess with right sympathizers.

steve 2 months

Maybe he can claim to be a Christian, start his own line of steaks or wine or water, and run as a Republican in 2022.

MIDESSA 2 months

This is almost as outrageous as letting tRump get away with insurrection.

Mike 2 months

So Silly..but now that he's woke maybe he can get a job as a sports analyst for men participating as women in women's sporting events

bobby_5150 2 months

Welcome to the new McCarthyism, aka the left.

David 2 months

Hey Kathy, in the summary, Chris didn’t defend the frontrunner

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