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Pro-Navalny ’flashlight’ protests set to be extinguished by Russia

Pro-Navalny ’flashlight’ protests set to be extinguished by Russia

Authorities in Russia have vigorously tried to extinguish the illuminated protests which have been planned for Sunday. The ’flashlight’ rallies have been claimed to be a part of major uprisings around the world by TV channels backed by the Kremlin. Navalny’s allies have also been accused of working on the instructions of NATO by the officials.

Andreas 2 months

The old standard lies of foreign influence. Ridiculous. Very 20th century but so is Putin. All about power and territories, as if this makes the life of the Russians better in the end.

Randall 2 months

It's interesting that before Navalny got sick his popularity was around 2%. But after the CIA got involved it rose drastically. Almost as if the CIA is backing him for some reason. Keep in mind that Navalny is NOT a good guy at all. Putin is much more calm and intelligent. They are both cold blooded.

Vark 2 months

Looks like the west after getting biden back in the Whitehouse immediatly restarted Obama Era destabilization of nations. Obama destroyed how many countries by funding anti-goverbmebt protesters? Russia was a target under Obama, along with syria who both deleted ISIS and alqaueda.

IvoryDove 2 months

Russia is starting to sound a lot like Twitter.

R. B.
R. B. 2 months

Putin is the only leader strong enough to keep the "power block" in charge in Russia. Once he's gone, Russia as we know it will cease to exist. Putin understands this. That's why he keeps running for President. There is no viable replacement strong enough to keep these people in power when butting heads with the West.

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