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First photo from Mars mission released by UAE probe

First photo from Mars mission released by UAE probe

The UAE has published the first image from its Mars probe currently circling the planet. The picture shows sunlight just coming across the surface of Mars. It shows Mars’ north pole, as well as Mars’ largest volcano. The probe swung into orbit around Mars on Tuesday in a triumph for the region’s first interplanetary mission.

James 1 weeks

It's beginning to get pretty busy up there what with NASA, the Chinese, now the UAE. In the months to come there are going to be some remarkable scientific discoveries from the red planet.

Montgomery 1 weeks

Im excited for science, but disappointed on their morals and confused on why they get a free pass. If you aren't born there you can never own property or open a buiseness. Additionally they refuse to take in Muslim war migrants, obting for the "europe will take them and we dont have to spend money or help anyone" sentiment Just getting bothered by the 2 systems of moral evaluation currently happening

Andreas 1 weeks

Quite irrelevant. Nothing to get from going there. We rather need to improve the probability of survival on earth.

David Webb
David Webb 1 weeks

Hopefully they release more photo

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 1 weeks

Cool! Congrats!

ken taro
ken taro 1 weeks

truly awesome.

Tulsi Gabbard for Pres 🙏
Tulsi Gabbard for Pres 🙏 1 weeks

UAE is where Epstein is currently living.

Patty 1 weeks

Beautiful picture

bobby_5150 1 weeks

Congratulations, UAE.

Seekster 1 weeks

Amazing. Its a notable image for showing the disc of Mars all at once. This is rare outside of composite images.

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