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UK says it shares US concerns over WHO COVID-19 mission to China

UK says it shares US concerns over WHO COVID-19 mission to China

The UK has joined the US in expressing concerns over the level of access given to the WHO COVID-19 fact-finding mission to China with the British foreign minister saying that they will be pushing for ’full access’ to the info. Earlier, the WHO team concluded their trip without any definitive answers on what caused the outbreak, with a member saying they were not given raw data on early Covid cases

Jonny 2 months

Judge the premise of the argument, not the speaker of the argument. It doesn't matter whether the concerns were raised by the US, the UK, Iran or New Zealand... The concerns about the accuracy of data provided to the WHO by China are valid. Tedros has a history of accepting Chinese bribes, and making false statements that favor China. If concerns are raised then the data should be made public and peer reviewed.

Alex 2 months

More posturing by Governments too piss weak to act against the CCP. Almost disingenuous that they pretend the investigation was going to reveal something over a year since the outbreak, in a Country with extreme control regime

bobby_5150 2 months

No geck. What we're doing is blaming the originators of the pandemic, those lying, mųrdęrøųs scųm, that we all love to hątę, Winnie the Xi and his CCP bųtt buddies.

geckouni 2 months

Funny that UK can’t even stop it mutated COVID-19 strain b117 spread all over the world, and allow covid 19 spread like wild fires that causes so much death within it country.. politically trying to cover up for it own failure?

GB Oz 2 months

We all knew China - the snapping turtle, would not be transparent. The world cannot trust them. They lie, coverup, make up their own rules, bullying. The list is endless.

Ironborn Pyke
Ironborn Pyke 2 months

Many scientists are now calling for a legit investigation.

cooldude 2 months

Any evidence to the real truth behind covid 19 would be long gone by now

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