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Biden calls for tougher gun laws on Parkland school shooting anniversary

Biden calls for tougher gun laws on Parkland school shooting anniversary

President Biden has called for Congress to pass gun law reforms, including a ban on assault weapons on the third anniversary of the Parkland school shooting massacre that left 17 dead. Biden also called for the introduction of background checks for all gun sales, a ban on high-capacity magazines, and for an end to legal immunity for gun manufacturers.

Viviko 2 months

As a conceal carry holder, I can say these things with some level of confidence. 1. Even with a conceal carry permit, You already cannot bring fire arms to schools, government property, or anywhere that explicitly says you cannot carry a fire arm. So, IDK whst more restrictions these guys want. 2. There is no agreed upon universal definition of an “assault weapon”. This is why there is so much problems with these kinds of laws. Some states look at aesthetics which can be misleading (i.e. California). And others look at other factors. So, without a standard definition of what is an assault weapon, these kinds of laws are just confusing. I will say this though. Looks can be deceiving when it comes to fire arms. I’ve seen large long guns that are actually really weak. And, I’ve seen really small guns that are quite powerful. The “features” of a fire arm are not necessarily indicative of how capable it is. 3. Even when getting a gun permit, they already do background checks on you. At least here in NC they do.

Montgomery 2 months

To play devils advocate. We equate meaning to the civilian bombings by Nelson Mandela, and to a certain extent the suicide bombings of European cities. Maybe we should actually acknowledge the message these teenagers were willing to give their life for. Maybe the killing and the accompanying suicide was only a dire call for help in a area by our own disenfranchised populous in a quickly changing environment. I get that we don't want to listen because it might cause more... but what if it's all the same message and listening will stop it... My basic questions are related to the total absence of discussions on the part

Indo 2 months

What you really need are tougher minds. We have for too many young unfilled minds. That's a mammoth task.

Chris 2 months

About bloody time!

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