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Nicki Minaj’s father is killed in a hit-and-run in Long Island

Nicki Minaj’s father is killed in a hit-and-run in Long Island

Robert Maraj, the father of the rapper Nicki Minaj, died on Saturday after being struck by a vehicle in a hit and run on Long Island, New York. Robert Maraj, 64, had been walking along a road on Friday evening when he was hit by the car before the car continued on its journey. Maraj was taken to hospital, where he died on Saturday. Police have appealed for witnesses to the crash.

Tom A
Tom A
Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 3 months

The illuminati blood sacrifice. Look into these so called celebrities and just see how many have a family member or close friend always wind up dead it's extremely creepy.

Angry_Face 3 months

Horrible, some coward

Presited Biden【Official】
Presited Biden【Official】 3 months

2 yung n 2 fly 2 b w/ Angels in da sky. Rip'em

World 3 months

There is something UP WITH THIS!! I noticed Offset and Cardi had Traded something in return for recent headlines and promotion... Even Offset almost running over teens at Trump.Rally in beverly hills a couple months back. Really odd sh*t going on with Nicki videos too.. Illuminat! we know the hit and run was no accident

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