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Suspect arrested over fatal stabbings in NYC subway

Suspect arrested over fatal stabbings in NYC subway

A 21-year-old man from Brooklyn has been arrested in the fatal stabbings of two people on NYC subway trains. Rigoberto Lopez was arrested Sunday on charges of murder and attempted murder. One of the victims was discovered dead on a train in Queens late Friday. Two hours later a 44-year-old woman was found stabbed to death. Two nonfatal attacks also occurred.

IvoryDove 2 months

He obviously didn't get the Biden hint... They want a mass GUN crime.

Jay 2 months

Why wasn’t Cuomo and DeBlazio on that train??😭😭🇯🇵

mister 2 months

According to Rigoberto Lopez's sister, we was a good boy, dindu nuffin. Of course no consolation for the victims or condemnation of this savage's actions...

Erich 2 months

“Police leaders said they would deploy an additional 500 officers into the subway system to guard against future assaults.” This typifies government ineptitude. Tell citizens government can protect you. Continue to erode citizens self reliance (and rights to arm themselves). Wait until events like this to happen. Then add more police. Next step, raise taxes and repeat.

tim 2 months

More people in the Civilian sector are killed by stabilizing in the world

ConcealCarryProtect 2 months

You know the difference between guns and knives? Guns are louder.

Charles 2 months

Let me guess, mental health issues?

wilhemena 2 months

looks like there is an urgent need to ban the sale of sharp-tipped knives in NYC and only allow plastic ones with blunt tips - the horror!

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