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Guinea declares Ebola epidemic as it reports at least three deaths

Guinea declares Ebola epidemic as it reports at least three deaths

Guinea has declared an Ebola epidemic after three people died in recent weeks from the virus and four more were confirmed to be infected. The cases marked the first known resurgence of the virus in West Africa since a 2013-2016 epidemic that began in Guinea and left more than 11,300 dead across the region. The latest infected people had attended a burial in Goueke, near the Liberian border.

Randall 3 weeks

Nothing to worry about. It's like the seasonal flu. It'll just go away soon, like magic. -Donald J Trump

Mutatis 3 weeks

We should probably call this virus filo-21. I mean we would want to remain consistent with how we now use covid-19, instead of calling it the Wuhan virus and being accused of racism or something.

Jonny 3 weeks

Ebola chan memes incoming.

Alex 3 weeks

With health being the primary conversation in society these days, I'm not too worried that this could break out as rapidly as the last Ebola event.

Chris 3 weeks

Quick fact The 2014 outbreak of Ebola virus disease in West Africa was the “largest, most severe and most complex Ebola epidemic” in history, according to the WHO. More than 28,000 people were infected, and over 11,000 people died

Natasha 2 weeks

As usual, the elite and their minions have been trying to kill off the African population for hundreds of years. Biological, economical warfare and crimes against humanity are what the African people continue to suffer and live through.

MiGHtyScoP3r 2 weeks

Why hasn't biden done anything? Thought this wouldn't happen under his watch. Crap,I forgot. It's trumps fault!

Lucifer Neverchanges
Lucifer Neverchanges 2 weeks

So is Ugandan Knuckles gonna resurgence?

jennifer 2 weeks

Ebola will not come to America- maybe 2 nurses or doctors who go to Africa to help might die from it. The incubation period is so short that it is usually contained quite quickly( comparatively speaking).

Eric 2 weeks

Thank god Obama was President in 2013 and not Trump.

bobby_5150 3 weeks

Was it due to Ebola, or from Ebola?

Tom 2 weeks

look another pandemic that of course if you believe this crap

MrBlueSky 2 weeks

It wasnt that big of a deal in the US last time,statistically......but people were still very scared of it

TheMadDane 2 weeks

Just wear 2 masks and you'll be fine.

Trollerthegreat 2 weeks

Who’s up for round 2?!

Milly 2 weeks

Wow people are really making this a political issue. Americans love to just insert themselves and make everything about themselves I guess

Freedom Nuggets
Freedom Nuggets 2 weeks

The term "epidemic" is being used a little frivolously here.

Shangus 2 weeks

Ah shit. Here we go again..

Brutus 2 weeks

Oh sh1t, here we go again.

Old McBundy
Old McBundy 2 weeks

For all the people being dicks in the comments, Ebola isn’t funny. Hemorrhagic fever viruses entail bleeding from one’s eyes, nose, mouth, and asshole until they’ve bled to death. And for everyone being a dick and comparing it to coronavirus, Ebola will make you bleed from your dick as well. It’s really not a joke, and has no comparison to COVID whatsoever.

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