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US accused by Turkey of backing PKK after Turks killed in Iraq

US accused by Turkey of backing PKK after Turks killed in Iraq

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the President of Turkey has accused the US of supporting Kurdish militants, days after Turkish troops found the bodies of 13 Turkish soldiers, police and civilians abducted by Kurdish insurgents in a cave complex in northern Iraq. Erdogan also said ’If we are together in NATO, and if we are to continue our (alliance) in NATO, you have to be sincere toward us.’

Jonny 3 months

Good. Fuck Turkey. Why the hell would the USA support their attempts to ethnically cleanse the Kurds?? The Kurds were instrumental in the destruction of ISIS.

Vark 3 months

Turkey has openly supported al qaeda and illegally invaded syria. Who cares what that evil nation thinks.

michael 3 months

If turkey wants to be taken as a true member of nato they have to stop invading the kurds home. Stop invading them and they won't self defense you to death.

Robert_Clearwater 3 months

Maybe we should impeach Trump over this. He is backstabbing our allies!

Joseph 3 months

Turkey has been an ally to the US and remains critical to basing and logistics to US troops in Syria and Iraq. They are a buffer to Iran and prevent the masses migration of refugees across Europe. I am willing to bet none of you have stepped foot in the country or even understand regional politics and diplomacy.

Indo 3 months

Kurds like all others have rights too. Break that trust n feel its teactions. Don't throw blame around as u please. It's been going on for too long.

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