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Antifa builds a snow barrier blocking police exit from their parking facility

Antifa builds a snow barrier blocking police exit from their parking facility

Antifa built a 3 foot snow barrier in front of a Seattle police station parking entrance/exit. They then threw snowballs and taunted police as they removed the barrier. They blocked the exit of the East Precinct to prevent the police from leaving to handle emergency calls.

a commoner
a commoner
IvoryDove 1 months

So... When a citizen dies due to the inability of police to respond in time, will these antifa folks be tried for criminal homicide or will the mayor cut them slack again?

Rocket 1 months

Only in DEMOCRAP COMMUNIST STATES do you see the DOMESTIC TERRORISTS, ANTIFA & BLM running around causing havoc. They should be shot onsite if they are committing TERRORIST ACTS!

Hollowhammer 1 months

One has to wonder when these cops are gonna start using live ammo on these anarchist nobodies. Nothing would be lost other then the rounds.

6Million$Mansplainer 1 months

Here's the real insurrection.

Glen 1 months

Jay Inslee supports this behavior

cooldude 1 months

I wonder how many people were murdered, seriously injured and crippled because of that group of Antica member’s actions.

Jon12 1 months

Will AOC give us a rundown on how scared she was ? How close to death she was ? Oops, wrong group

Irish 1 months

These actions are worse than anything in DC on Jan 6th, but not a word from mainstream media acknowledging such, no congressional cries of holding those responsible accountable. The biased world we live in...

Mike 1 months

Sounds like an insurrection..

hooman of hoomanland
hooman of hoomanland 1 months

Do you wanna build a snowman

Leonard 1 months

Speaking of antifa and the gun buying frenzy they've caused... I bought stock in ammunition manufacturers a while back and have been making a killing. Up up up, there seems to be no end. Check out VSTO and AMMO. There's not a better investment right now. Ammunition is flying off the shelves, in fact the shelves have been empty for months, since the election.

World 1 months

Chop Chaz the Psyop still doing what it does best: representing the revcom sycophantic larpers of every basement on earth

Lisa 1 months

Hey, they had a Constitutional Right to Play in the Snow.

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