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’Here to keep peace,’ says Wyoming’s first Black sheriff

’Here to keep peace,’ says Wyoming’s first Black sheriff

Aaron Appelhans was recently appointed the first Black sheriff in Wyoming. He has said that he hopes to rebuild the relationship between the community and the police force. The county for which he will serve, Albany, is dealing with the aftermath of a controversial police shooting. Appelhans has not commented on the shooting of the unarmed, mentally ill man which took place two years ago.

Highlander 2 weeks

Exactly why is it relevant to tell everyone the guy is black. What the hell does it matter so long as he is qualifed and capable of doing the job.

cooldude 2 weeks

I don’t care that “Wyoming has just got it’s first black sheriff” because he’s just a sheriff

Mutatis 2 weeks

Neither source marches the summary.

Nunya 2 weeks

Unless it's the remake of Blazing Saddles, Who cares?

wilhemena 2 weeks

interesting that the picture with this headline has nothing to do with the story

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