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Over 62% of Americans want a third party, poll reveals

Over 62% of Americans want a third party, poll reveals

A Gallup poll revealed that 62% of Americans think the ’parties do such a poor job’ in representing them that a third party is needed.’ This is a jump from 57% in September. However, the poll also showed that 33% of Americans believe the two major political parties are doing a fine job. A few days ago, a CBS/YouGov poll revealed 66% of Republicans may join a new party if Donald Trump forms one.

Tom A
Tom A
Aaron 4 months

I loved his policies, kinda corny sometimes but funny as he'll most of the time!

Joshua 4 months

There was a third party in the last election... The candidate was a female that supports women's rights, ending the endless wars, gun rights, education reform, is a college professor, sat on the board of IBM. The problem is the majority of Americans aren't making educated decisions when voting. Last election was literally Trump bad v. Trump good.

Charles 4 months

Fake News, you can't say most people when 82 million people voted for him. Do the math, more people want him back in politics. And he will be back...soon

Dorien 4 months

It’s absolutely not true that Republicans don’t want to get rid of the former ‘president’. Just his cult supporters still want him. But they are a minority. He is absolutely powerless and very delusional. I hope that the very right wing media are punished for their lies. They are as guilty as 45 is.

Deadly104 4 months

60% of Americans are finally tried of the 2 💩 options the get every election cycle. Well it’s good to see we are finally making some progress in that regard it’s about damn time.

PA_Patriot89 4 months

2 party straw man: “B-but third parties take away votes for our preferred candidate! A vote for a third party is a vote for the other guy! You’re crazy if you think the third party candidate will win!” Glad to see more people are breaking free from the illusion of being stuck with only two choices.

michael 4 months

Totally agree. I actually think five might be better. Corporate, socialist, conservative, liberal, and then a much larger independent party.

Seekster 4 months

We need a viable 3rd or 4th party to have a chance of keeping our Republic. Without it we will have oligarchy.

jen 4 months

Yes. A third party. Not a second republican party. If so many people want a third party, then why don't they start actually voting third party? #libertarian #fakepolls

coughdrop1989 4 months

There is multiple parties already you dips. Noone looks into any other candidates because the label that be only shows you 2 sides because that is where their money lies.

Randall 4 months

Yeah, go ahead and throw your vote away. /s You can either vote for evil or the lesser evil but voting for your own best interest is just pointless.

Nathan 4 months

Who is taking these polls? Have you or anyone you know EVER taken one of these polls? Also, how is the headline 60% off Americans agree, then the alternative headline is 60% of Republicans? Seems conflated.

Doug Star
Doug Star 3 months

How will ratman campaign while incarcerated in a NY state prison?

mike 4 months

No they don't, they want President Trump in office so we dint have what's in the whitehouse now!!!

B 4 months

We want his policies...

Chance 4 months

Poll: You are full of S

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 4 months

Nobody likes Biden, except for Democrats. That is a poll that I just made up...

Duncan 4 months

Why are people acting like 3rd parties are a new thing?

wilhemena 4 months

Gallup is no longer a valid pollster

derek 4 months

its time to join the Constitutuion Party.

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