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North Korea tried to hack Pfizer for COVID vaccine information: Report

North Korea tried to hack Pfizer for COVID vaccine information: Report

According to reports, North Korean hackers tried breaking into the computer systems of Pfizer to access information on a COVID-19 vaccine. A South Korean lawmaker said the country’s intelligence service ’briefed us that North Korea tried to obtain technology involving the Covid vaccine and treatment.’ NK Leader Kim has repeatedly insisted that the country has had no COVID cases.

Yoda 2 months

I'm confused as to how NK would even get COVID when they're closed off from the rest of the world. They most likely wanted to sell the vaccine or formula, if it even is NK hackers.

Tech Leprechaun
Tech Leprechaun 2 months

If true, I'm somehow less judgemental about this one. Hacking for profit, destruction or censorship (AKA their SOP) is bad. Hacking for the purpose of saving lives, somewhat less so. Except that unless you're a Kim or a General you aren't likely to get it...

S0liTaRy 2 months

What's so frustrating about this is that, while NK is an indefensible state that put itself into poverty, they have no real financial means to afford vaccinating their population, and the only way to fight Covid is to aim for world herd immunity for ALL mutations and variants, NK citizens included. It's in the world's interest to have everyone vaccinated, even NK citizens, because the less people are infected, the less the virus mutates and varies. Add to that that no one trusts NK to report infection numbers accurately. One vaccine has already been made ineffective because the virus spread, some of the virus varied, and those spread further in S Africa and Brazil.

Tetelestai 2 months

as all socialist and leftist governments do... they cannot admit any failings as they think it makes them look weak. just like the democratic party in the US.

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 2 months

God he is so d1sgusting. I'm no fan of Frump but hey Democrats stop trying to say he's as bad as Un and the other dictators. Frump's a wannabe with no back bone. Big difference.

gotdatyak 2 months

Is this a bad thing?

Lord Flashheart
Lord Flashheart 2 months

Let's say North Korea don't have any cases. Maybe they want the vaccine because there is a market for it. Yes I would hope my country would know better than to buy it from North Korea but if it means $$ coming in to North Korea, can you blame them for trying?

Indo 2 months

In a world of endless daily intrigue, it is hard to accept anything as being true. What do we do !? Ignore it, work around it or just forget it

R. B.
R. B. 2 months

Of course they did. Those clowns can't even feed their people let alone develop a working vaccine.

alma 2 months

how do they know there hasnt been any cases in north korea? im confused

Chris 2 months

Having no covid as claimed has no relevance to trying to get information to make a vaccine as the reason would ve to have the ability to make one from his pointvof view means they can ve ready if covid does strike. So the news article is making something out of nothing here. Note of course that other countries are hardly going to be helpful either so quite expectedly N Korea will use whatever means to obtain the info. Indeed it would be wise of South Korea to give them the tech for production or even send any spare doses as its in their interest where pathogens are concerned as people breaking out from NK to enter S Korea could bring a new outbreak if N Korea has an outbreak and gets no help then more people WILL try to cross the border!

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