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Bitcoin breaches $50,000-mark as major companies back cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin breaches $50,000-mark as major companies back cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin has crossed the $50,000-barrier for the first time Tuesday continuing its bull run. Analysts say the current run is different from that of 2017 as some major global companies showed their support for cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin. Recently, Tesla said it invested $1.5 billion in bitcoin. Mastercard, BNY Mellon and some others also announced that they would start business in bitcoin.

Tom A
Tom A
Alex 2 months

What the news been failing to mention that it’s been skirting that line for quite a while. I have recently bought some btc myself but it’s still about the same amount. Don’t mistakenly buy the stuff thinking you will get rich instantly. Those times have long since passed, at least for btc. That said, buy btc anyway. It’s better than leaving your money with the bank.

Tom 2 months

Yes and governments all over the world are losing their mind as are the money men cuz they had no control over this one they can't take their piece of the action mind you you do have to do a lot of mining to find the crypto

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 2 months

Well this doesn't sound promising for those who struggle to even make ends meet. While the rich get exponentially richer, avoiding the fall out of the dollar crashing, those who can no longer afford to be involved in crypto (namely bit coin) will be left struggling.

Osuror 2 months

I think this could mean good things for other cryptocurrencies since the trust in bitcoin may roll over into them as people realise the technology is more reliable than they thought.

Andrew Mills
Andrew Mills 2 months

And tonight in "Things I wish I knew earlier", we have virtual money!

Rocky 2 months

Bitcoin doesn't scare any of the elites. It is a government owned asset and one that the world banks are already well in control of. Don't be naive. When they allowed asic miners on the blockchain they sold out the decentralized nature of the currency.

Dan 2 months

"Breaches"? 😒

MeZaval 2 months

This price will be considered a steal in the coming decades

Rocky 2 months

Just another mechanism for the rich and politically connected to avoid the down turn markets by selling off ahead of massive drops and then selling off bitcoin/gold/silver when the market is poised for recovery to by back the market at the low end exponentially increasing their wealth. These systems are only exploitable by the rich and powerful as common men don't have the assets or liquidity to play the game. We can only watch as we see our wealth transfered from us again. China controls the value of bitcoin and the federal reserve controls the stock market and the dollar. I wish I could still love bitcoin, but after they allowed the asic miners to centralize the supply it lost all purpose as a counter banking currency.

Darknimbus3 2 months

Eesh. Once a black market currency, now all the rage.

Alex 2 months

I thought about dumping a few thousand into crypto a few weeks ago. Why did I procrastinate? 😭

Nunya 2 months

It's a trap

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