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Ex-Capitol Police chief, sergeants at arms asked to testify on Capitol riot

Ex-Capitol Police chief, sergeants at arms asked to testify on Capitol riot

The former Senate sergeant at arms and doorkeeper, the former House sergeant at arms, and the former US Capitol Police chief are being called to testify before the Senate to examine the breakdown in response to rioters who attacked the Capitol on January 6. All three had resigned in the wake of the attack. They have faced questions about their hesitancy to call for National Guard assistance.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 2 months

Also ask why they opened parts of the barricade and let ppl in. Also who was the cop who basically took the furry all through the building with camera ppl eveywhere.

Sasu 2 months

They only want their own witnesses. This is why they denied to have witnesses during the impeachment, because it allowed for both sides to call them. Now that Trump is out of the picture they will call "their" witnesses.

a commoner
a commoner 2 months

I would love to see someone ask Skeleton why the 1/6/21 4 hour or so takeover needs this much attention when she tweeted encouragement to the libs when they took over the Madison wi state capitol for 3 days in 2011.. Because if it was ok in 2011 it should be ok now

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 2 months

Why are there no details on the shooting of Ashli Babbit? Every other high profile police shooting has the officer's name in the news and almost every time the officer is fired and brought up on charges. What is different about this case? And who was driving the narrative around Officer Sicknick's death? Clearly he didn't die from being struck by a fire extinguisher as initially reported. Why was that the story allowed to linger for days? Why was he cremsted before a full autopsy could be performed?

World 2 months

They all resigned? Too many red flags.... Occams razor is like NOPE

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