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Indian journalist acquitted of defamation in high-profile #MeToo case

Indian journalist acquitted of defamation in high-profile #MeToo case

A Delhi court acquitted journalist Priya Ramani of defamation for outing alleged sexual misconduct against prominent journalist-politician MJ Akbar. He claimed Ramani sullied his name with her allegation, which purportedly took place in 1993. The judge ruled: ’Women can’t be punished for raising instances of sexual abuse … right of reputation can’t be protected at the cost of right to dignity.’

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 1 weeks

As usual, the MSM haven’t given us details of the harassment, evidence of a crime, just allegations and accusations. In this; “ believe all women” world, I’m more skeptical than ever. Edit:spelling

Indo 1 weeks

Are all other court cases in India as swift as this. Sorry but we don't get much of legal news from there.

Will Miller
Will Miller 1 weeks

False allegations ruin lives, it should be a crime to lie like that.

IndependentMind 1 weeks

Slander is slander - the India high court got it wrong.

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