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China orders bloggers to get state-issued permits to post online

China orders bloggers to get state-issued permits to post online

In yet another move to tighten control over information flow, the communist regime in China has issued a set of new rules that would require bloggers to have state-approved credentials before they are allowed to publish content online. The rules issued by the country’s cyberspace authorities will come into force next week. Beijing said the move was needed to prevent spread of rumors via internet.

Bryan_with_a_why 6 days

Just watch.... Just like lockdowns, the politicians in the United States will take China's lead and push for this.

6Million$Mansplainer 6 days

There you go control of misinformation, state be praised. If you don't like it, start your own country to blog from, no one's forcing up to live there.

Louis S
Louis S 6 days

This is a good thing and I can't wait for it to be implemented by the western social media intelligentsia. Speech is dangerous. Speech is violence (but don't forget that silence is also violence). This is simply a means of preventing the negative consequences of speech. If you could go back in time, wouldn't you prevent Hitler from having a speech permit? /s

World 6 days

Beijing Biden really cares about USA...he is not going to do the same...he is our hero /s

Faittastic 6 days

China is taking control of the media one step at a time. Not sure how it benefits though...

Talon One
Talon One 6 days

Ah, communism. Truly the best. 🙄

Indo 6 days

Commiekaze can be real outright. Sometimes u need good controls on them. Don't forget

Foshizzle 6 days

The left in the US left loves them some China... So look for this to be implemented here in the future.

J 5 days

Hey nation of Walmart...stop...buying....made in you know where..garbage.

Star 5 days

They dont want there sordid affairs public

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