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Atlantic City Plaza casino that Trump sold in 2016 has been demolished

Atlantic City Plaza casino that Trump sold in 2016 has been demolished

Donald Trump’s one-time Plaza casino in Atlantic City has been demolished after falling into disrepair. A series of controlled explosions brought the dilapidated structure down. Its condition had become so bad that chunks of the building began peeling off and crashing to the ground. The building at Atlantic City Boardwalk once saw famous movie stars, athletes and rock stars as guests.

6Million$Mansplainer 2 months

Un-TDS'd headline: Carl Icahn's casino property, purchased from Trump in 2016, was demolished for prime development.

Anthony 2 months

And? A building someone once owned was demolished? Why is this news? Oh yeh. Orange man bad. The media are so desperate to report on trump that they are reaching for ANYTHING to write with his name in it. Maybe do proper journalism on important matters.

ken taro
ken taro 2 months

HoW iS a tRemEnDoUs eXpLoSioN iN tHe miDdLe oF a cRoWdEd ciTy nEwS???? 🇺🇸🤔🤔🇺🇸 you dolts need watch some controlled demolitions of skyscrapers on youtu'e, it's quite the spectacle and is, indeed, newsworthy.

jennifer 2 months

Am abandoned bldg literally falling apart should've been taken down years ago. It's awful that cities allow those rat and drug addict invested eyesores to remain standing for so long. That said, maybe they thought it was newsworthy cuz it was once a building of distinction.

Corvus Crow
Corvus Crow 2 months

Jebus, they're so obsessive, if Trump blew his nose on a piece of tissue and discarded it, they'd claim it was an environmental attack, while nancy Pelosi would declare it as chemical warfare.

Robert 2 months

Trump needs to be politically brought down like his erstwhile waste of money, and of course he pled bankruptcy so he didn’t really lose a dime other than his property they brought down in Atlantic City. His,political career will fail and go down without a doubt. In four years we will hardly hear his name, he more than not he may already be in prison where he will never gonna be able to get back into politics., maybe Dog Warden I think Trump’s days in politics are over, he himself will never recover politically. Many of his donors to his scam “to help pay for election related issues” which numerous donors are suing for their money because it was a scam as usual perpetrated by The Big Crook Donald Duck. It’s so pleasant not to have to listen or hear about that grossly overweight SOB all day everyday . Trump has virtually been cast into the communication WILDERNESS where he’s all by himself with legal arrows flying above his head constantly, he will NEVER escape them all. Right now he’s involved in a raft of of lawsuits but it won’t be long, their just waiting for you Trump. Very soon some legal eagles will nail his fat ass to the wall. I really think that he may already be heading for 24/7/365 extended care, it ‘would be too dangerous in regular nursing homes, would definitely be a flight risk. I can see him splitting and leaving his family with all the trouble that’s brewing for him and several of his family and it may potentially suck Melania into the soup. Melania it seems was actively involved in all the money and Billings when Trump won the presidency in 2016. Million of dollars poured in for the Inagural event. And just like any ruthless greedy Trump’s daughter and Melania evidentially can’t come up with receipts for where all the money went. A lot of the millions flowed into Trump businesses. Ivanka was padding the bills it appears. The FBI has her caught in all kinds of lies at her 8 hour deposition. There isn’t a Trump living that doesn’t know how to lie. Ivanka would bill the inagural committee like $100,000.00 for a big ballroom daily rent that others only paid $5,000.00 for the exact same room, and then that money would disappear into the Trump’s slimy crooked business empire. King Trump is like dirt under our feet, he’s a useless nasty IMPOTENT jerk. In his teeny mind he thinks he can come back inn4 years. 4 years of him going deeper and deeper into a depression which will really bring out the NASTY in him we all have witnessed that. The joke is on him because the world is calling Trump a total embarrassment, and how happy with Biden they are now, one said A Biden definitely comes across as a real ‘PRESIDENT’ he’s not a nasty ignorant ass hole that we were stuck with till we nailed him in the recent presidential race. Trump thought he was gonna blow everybody down at the poles and cruise to victory in 2024. I got some sad news for you ex-president asshole and boy does that name fit. The Trump family should be Class Actioned and I think we could wipe out ALL of his financial empire, unfortunately his little empire is just that, ‘little’’ is not very cash heavy they would launder the extra

dano 2 months

Owning a Casino is like the Government giving you a license to print money and this idiot still couldn’t make it work. MAGA= Moron Away Golfing Again!

ConcealCarryProtect 2 months

Next week: A building trump once looked at to be on trial for racism.

Darth Vader
Darth Vader 2 months

And this is news because

Tristan Elstrom
Tristan Elstrom 2 months

Yeah guys OMG idk why center and right wing sources are so BIASED towards Trump. It's all because ORANGE MAN BAD! RIGGED!!!

karl 2 months

One of the ones that went bankrupt? Lmfao

World 2 months

Who cares..........

Randy 2 months

So desperate for news...

Lisa 2 months

Ha! Guess he treated his building’s just the way he treated the American people!

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 2 months

Gotta love Republicans pushing birther theories amd whining about Obomba STILL but the second Frump leaves office the righty snowflakes cry "leave our cult leader alone".

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 2 months

One of his many mamy many many many many many many business utter failures.

Tom 2 months

He's had nothing to do with it for years

Wendy 2 months

Like everything else he touches...death or destruction follows...

MachineGunHunt 2 months

Why is this news. It's not even his building

Patty 2 months

I went there during its hey day and it was wonderful. Long story but TRUMP was super nice to me

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