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Paris Hilton announces engagement to Carter Reum

Paris Hilton announces engagement to Carter Reum

Paris Hilton announced her engagement to her partner Carter Reum. Photographs of the proposal were shared by the 40-year-old on social media. The couple are dressed in white, and can be seen embracing after Reum had popped the question. She has been dating the 40-year-old venture capitalist since 2019. She described the proposal as the kind she had always dreamed of.

OmegaDMM 2 months

Carter wins the SOTY award! SOTY = Simp of the year

World 2 months

Yay she finally can be confident now that she has love. It has been great to see her transform and take a stance against abuse in schools

Aaron 2 months

Intrepid journalism bravo

Nunya 2 months

whew, I can now rest peacefully. I'm sure glad our top notch journalists are on the case and following details very closely. You know how my world revolves around celebutards. I mean celebrities.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 2 months

Give it a year or so.

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