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One in three military troops refusing Covid-19 jab, Pentagon says

One in three military troops refusing Covid-19 jab, Pentagon says

Tens of thousands of American troops are refusing to get vaccinated against the novel coronavirus. The Pentagon said only about two-thirds of US troops who have been offered the Covid-19 vaccine have accepted the jab. However, it said unvaccinated troops are still deployable because of safety precautions the military undertook before vaccines were developed.

jamie 1 weeks

Good can’t blame them. I’m not taking a vaccine that’s 85-95% effective for a virus with a greater than 99% survival rate when nobody knows what mid to long term affects this thing has

Morbo 1 weeks

Wtf? How stupid can you be.

Nathaniel 1 weeks

Imma tell everyone right now, a lot of us are refusing simply because we can, which is a big deal. If the big boys at the top haven’t made it mandatory then they don’t trust it.

Matthew 1 weeks

This is not a comment on whether or not they should refuse or the efficacy of the vaccine. I just want to know how this is possible. When I was in you didn't get to "refuse" a vaccination. I was forced to get just about every vaccine on earth including the flu vaccine every year. I wasn't even in that long ago.

Bryan_with_a_why 1 weeks

Good luck to them, I support their decision but when you're a soldier the government owes you. They'll likely get dishonorably discharged if they refuse.

IvoryDove 1 weeks

I was injected with live swine flu in 1974 by the Navy. They quarantined the whole base for two weeks and gave us all the shot. I was sick as a dog, but haven't had the flu since. We were told it was to prevent a catastrophic loss of forces.

Nunya 1 weeks

We were all human pin cushions when I was enlisted back in the 90s. Nobody knew what they were injecting us with. We just went through the gauntlet. I know that one of them was typhoid because it knocked me down for three days.

World 1 weeks

Funny because the Spanish Flu was actually caused by a Rockefeller vaccine experiment gone wrong, it technically was a Kansas Pneumonia. History repeats

FishyMacaroon6 1 weeks

We remember what the early anthrax vaccines, before they were well tested. And if anyone knows not to trust the US government, its us. Eventually they will make the vaccine mandatory, and then I will take it because that's my job and I signed a contract. Until then, they can stick them somewhere else.

Doug Star
Doug Star 1 weeks

Let these Darwin Award winners get sick and die. They are not suitable for the military. I would not fly with them.

Mopeyhornet 1 weeks

Lol im against the covid19 vaccine but they question this vaccine but not the several they have to take to go over seas?

Delterra 1 weeks

Evolution at work

wilhemena 1 weeks

this is fake news and false... you do not have a choice if you are in the military

World 1 weeks

Good choice, say NO to being the guinea pig

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 1 weeks


Patrick 1 weeks

Huh huh, yup. I ain't takin no slop in my veins. No tellin whuts in that liberal soup of lies. There tellin me I gotta inject poison for whut? Prawly gunna kill me.

mike 1 weeks

Good, I wouldn't take it either

Brutus 1 weeks

I mean if they are under 40 and not considered high risk then they shouldn’t take it. Give it to those who most need it, medical professionals, the elderly and those who are high risk. I won’t take it until it’s my turn

Joshua 1 weeks


Randall 1 weeks

I thought by being in the military you become "property" of the US government. A "GI" can be arrested, fined or even jailed for destruction of government property just for getting a tattoo or getting in a fight. Edit: I don't see how they can refuse anything when you're the property of another. That's like your dog refusing to get his rabies shot. He can cry and complain about it all he wants but he's still gonna get it.

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