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Facebook bans Australia from sharing news on its platform

Facebook bans Australia from sharing news on its platform

In a dramatic escalation over its dispute with Australia over a new proposed law – Media Bargaining Code – that would force digital platforms to pay publishers for linking/posting their content, Facebook blocked all local and international media content from being shared or viewed on its platform in the country. Facebook says news makes up less than 4% of content people see in its news feed.

GB Oz 2 months

First it was Google, who are losing out as many of us Aussies moved to DuckDuckGo now FB is loosing the Aussie market. Sure a lot care, but the majority will simple abandon big tech.

GB Oz 2 months

Your loss FB. Much much less Australian engagement And use on their platform now - most will abandon them, but does prove they were publishers, having now taken this action. It’s about time the USA reigns in all of big tech and they lose protections from being publishers. Twitter especially.

GB Oz 2 months

This will be the year of reckoning for big tech. (Hopefully) Us Aussies are already moving to DuckDuckGo (bye Google) and as for FB- it's all tripe and rubbish, not much loss there. See ya!

GB Oz 2 months

First it was Google who lost the Aussie market to DuckDuckGo, FB is full of rubbish and is not credible - plenty of other news sources. A good time to give them the flick - no loss here, but shows they are indeed publishers Just got to get rid of Twitter who are also publishers and peddle leftist woke rubbish. This will be the year of reckoning for big tech - Time for the US Government to intervene.

FactCheckerNeil 2 months

I think this is an awesome idea. Their piss poor attempts to deal with all the liars pretending to be news failed miserably. They never wanted to be some arbiter of truth and I guess they just didn't want to pay for policing it. I personally know someone who's old, has two comorbidities and isn't experienced online. She's now decided there's no point getting vaccinated cos a fb friend shared a Gateway Pundit article. She has a real chance of being hospitalised when the lockdown ends and there are probably millions like her. One day the average Facebook user will learn how easy it is to click the link a web site cites and check what it says. But until then removing all news seems like the best way for Facebook to protect its users from dangerous misinformation and, more importantly, protect themselves from being blamed for it! Also, while writing this I found an example of exactly the sort of piss poor fact checking I was referring to...

ken taro
ken taro 2 months

what kind of doofus uses facebook for news? isnt our dependence on social media for emotion-driven, attention-holding, free "journalism" a large part of the rising radicalization we're witnessing in democratic societies?

jennifer 2 months

That's excellent news!(no pun intended). Wish they would do this in America. Let FB go back to being a simple platform where us old ppl share pics of our kids and pets. You want hatred and politics- use Twitter- want conspiracy theories- use 4chan.

Cindy 2 months

Good Job Australia, at least you are not cowards like America.

GB Oz 2 months

Good riddance to FB. I don’t trust nor like the algorithms and news sources are plentiful elsewhere. Same as Google - rack off; us Aussies will use DuckDuckGo. Next to get rid of Twitter. This year will be a reckoning for big tech, globally. The US Government should reign them in They are all publishers and FB decision shows that.

CJ 2 months

Really FB? One of most profitable companies on Earth this will barely affect your revenue and will only hurt your PR. How goofy lol I wish Facebook's would die already

Daniel 2 months

If you people don’t like what’s going on with censorship maybe stop voting for democrats and use your brain next time your in the voting booth. I blame democrats just like they blame Trump on everything

Dee2u 2 months

Wow! Seems greedy but in the other hand, there are plenty of news platforms so maybe they should put a ban on News, period.

Tetelestai 2 months

now does anyone have any questions about what the agenda is of these oligarchs? they want total control of the narrative. don't buy into their BS.

Eric 2 months

I would like to see the world ban facebook. Seems it went from a great idea for connecting, to excluding folks for any number of reasons. I quit with all social media last year, it is way more of a distraction than a useful tool anymore.

Indo 2 months

Ah Mr. Zucker !! You got your own gameplay have you !? We haven't forgotten your past funnyman antics yet. It's still quite fresh in many people's minds.

Indo 2 months

When u get really really up in the sky, you presume many many. So we all have our weaknesses.

Robyn 2 months

Who uses FB anymore anyways?

tim 2 months

With they would do it in the US. What is on there is crap.

Steve Says
Steve Says 2 months

How dare Australia fail to bow down before Fakebook and king (in his own mind) Zuckerberg.

Mar10 2 months

Those big tech became way too big and way too powerful. This is becoming ridiculous.

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