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Bill Gates says Texas Gov. Abbott misleading on cause of power outage

Bill Gates says Texas Gov. Abbott misleading on cause of power outage

Billionaire Bill Gates on Wednesday rebuked a claim by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott that put the blame for that state’s massive cold-weather power outage on the failure of renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar. Gates noted that only 13% of the outages were related to wind turbines.

Got Truth
Got Truth 2 months

Can someone tell Bill Gates that being a billionaire doesn't make a medical or climate expert by any stretch of his imagination. We don't consider your opinion as anything more than a guy who isn't qualified to consider seriously. #goawaybill

Rocket 2 months

Bill Gates, the PSYCHOPATHIC rich dude, needs to stick with software. That numbnuts now thinks he's an expert in FORCING VACCINES on people and energy generation?!!! Funny how the Gates Foundation is being sued by MULTIPLE parties beacsue their FORCED VACCINATION programs in Africa caused severe side effects, including paralysis of children!! Why is the PSYCHOPATH buying up most of the US farmland?!! Why does the PSYCHOPATH (Gates) interested in n controlling our US food supply?!! 🤔

truth seeker
truth seeker 2 months

Who gives a ratsa$$ what Gates thinks. He is part of the problem of whats wrong with the world today. And buying all the farmland like he has is a scary thought. I guess if he can't get us through a vaccine he will in our food.

AntiBS 2 months

Gates should keep his mouth shut in public. It has been clear a long time that he has gone woke and senile as so many other people with too much money.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 2 months

13% of the outages. How is the percentage of outage even relevant? One outage in Houston can put tens of thousands in the dark while one outage in a small town affects a few hundred. The real numbers lie in the output, not the outage. Wind turbines supplied 42% of the electricity, now they are at 8%. Attack THOSE numbers, Bill.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 2 months

Hahahaha texas is a Sh!te hole obviously. I'd rather have homeless around then power outages and water shortages.

Leonard 2 months

Speaking of guns... I bought stock in ammunition manufacturers a while back and have been making a killing. Up up up, there seems to be no end. Check out VSTO and AMMO. There's not a better investment right now. Ammunition is flying off the shelves, in fact the shelves have been empty for months, since the election.

Que Pasta
Que Pasta 2 months

Why the F is Bill Gates saying anything about this and WHY should anyone pay attention to him? His family was involved in eugenics, he's not a doctor or medical expert, and he invented a crappy, buggy computer operating system.

Wendy 2 months

Bill Gates is correct. The scientist/engineers instructed the system to winterize all their power sources after this disaster almost happened last year. Those in charge, chose to ignore the experts. In total, solar and wind power sources only make up 25% of all the power sources in Texas.

Rafael 2 months

It seems like you brainwashed republicans will defend each other even if it means taking the country to hell.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 2 months

They are both mostly wrong and right a tiny bit at the same time. The wind mills built in Texas weren't built to withstand extreme cold because it was made in Texas and other energy providers were built not to withstand extreme cold because it's Texas. Oil natural gas and coal work just fine in Alaska because it's fortified for the extreme cold. The other lie being peddle is that the bad fossil fuels were more of a problem is because 90% of the energy comes from that so yea it would be more of a problem than a few windmills. All in all it wouldn't matter if it was 50 50 because they both would have froze and broke.

blasterboy123456 2 months

Governor Abbott: the cold is freezing up the windmills, making them non-functional. Bill Gates:NOOOOO!!!! YOUR THE PROBLEM!!! REEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Hollowhammer 2 months

The same Bill Gates that wants us to quit eating beef and instead switch to bugs to save the world? Oh btw he now owns most of the farmland in the US so.......he is going to quit raising cows isn't he? Well tell Bill this primate didn't leave the trees and climb to the top of the food chain to eat bugs. The world isn't going anywhere folks.

Kyle 2 months

Only 13% he says. Let’s do some math, pop of Texas ~29million times that by 13% and you get 3.7 million. How many people are out of power? Around 3 million. Funny how the math literally fits the narrative of the guy in charge and doesn’t support the idiot billionaire.

TexasReb 2 months

Gates is a flat earther. We need reliable, on demand and safe power. Nuclear and Natural Gas. Flip the rest of them. I'll bet that Gates has a gas powered backup system at his mega mansion. Solar and the batteries that go along with them are incredibly toxic. Heavy metals my friends! Gotta replace them every 20 years unless you have a.bad hail storm then sooner.

Tetelestai 2 months

gates is full of crap. the same thing happened in Germany this year and Australia a couple years ago. he just thinks people are too stupid and unaware of the truth. he's a globalist traitor who wants population control. so he's going to defend the globalist agenda.

Will Miller
Will Miller 2 months

Yeah, because solar panels are exactly what we need to prevent power outages during a blizzard. That 100% adds up. 🤦‍♂️

Angela Clark
Angela Clark 2 months

You tell em Mr Gates!! It was the Governor and Senator Ted Cruz and the whole Republican legislature who voted in 20 yrs ago to deregulate and take on the whole state’s electoral grid! The one thing for sure THERE IS NO GREEN DEAL!!! Idiots!!

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 2 months

Bill Gates must have made a personal tour, and saw everything functioning properly I guess? If only those who were there had such astute powers of observation...

Randy 2 months

Having 13% of the system out can cause cascading failures. Ask New York.

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