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Australia assails Facebook’s news ban, calls it an assault on sovereign nation

Australia assails Facebook’s news ban, calls it an assault on sovereign nation

Facebook carrying out its threat to block news in Australia reverberated in the country’s Parliament Thursday. Health Minister Greg Hunt said the social media giant’s move was ’unacceptable in a democracy and an abuse of their power.’ Calling it an ’assault on a sovereign nation,’ Hunt pointed out how the government’s health pages have been affected. Other ministers also echoed similar views.

Presited Biden【Official】
Presited Biden【Official】 3 months

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Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 3 months

Time to shut facebook down for good

L 3 months

I support Australia, it's time for Facebooks time to come to an end.

Idiot Prole
Idiot Prole 3 months

If I were Australia, I'd be asking the people if farcebook needed blocking for good in the country as it was seeking more power than the elected government.

Dorien 3 months

Herewith has been proven again that Social Media have much to much power. Stop the giants and start regulation.

FirstCensorshipThenJail 3 months

Need to stop feeding the Privacy Pirate industry and their socialist media dystopian Walled gulags. Ban Facebook from Australia. You lose nothing but gain your privacy. Privacy is security. No privacy then you have no security. Using the Privacy Pirate industry's malware and spyware you put yourself at physical risk. There are other services out there that are not part of the Privacy Pirate industry. Use them instead and stop putting yourself at risk.

Jos 3 months

I personally support Australia in this, not because it's Australia but news reporting is collected at a cost and should be rewarded if used as a news item by forwarding software! More countries should do that!!

Omega 3 months

Maybe it's because I grew up in a time before Facebook and Twitter, but people'sreactions to this are so weird to me. Facebook is a social site, not the source of all information on the planet. There's the whole internet for that, along with radio and TV. I'm rarely ever on Facebook for social uses, and only use it for a business if it only has a Facebook site. News sites / radio / TV are for news, not Facebook and Twitter IMO.

America 3 months

Good! Treat Fakebook like the terrorist organization that it is.

GB Oz 3 months

I'm an Aussie and FB can rack off, good riddance from me As for Google, they can too. I use DuckDuckGo now. While we're at it, Twitter can go too. This will be the year of reckoning for big tech, Governments around the world will start cracking down on them; all. About time, now we need the USA to act.

Individual > collective
Individual > collective 3 months

Even if you shut down and 'delete' your Facebook profile, they will keep a "ghost profile" of your identity from other information sources so it isn't as simple as you think to remove their influence from you life

Maximilian 3 months

Normaly I'm heavily against google, facebook and other big techs.... But not this time. You cannot make laws forcing someone to fork over money to "X" if they show contend of "X" and then also demand that they have to show X.

Dan 3 months

It's pretty clear that borders, culture and national sovereignty are inconveniences to our big tech oligarchs. Anything to diminish Zuckerturds influence and control of information is a good thing.

Kathy 3 months

The Australians are experiencing the next level of “muscle flex” by American oligarchs! They are feeling pretty Omnipotent after tweaking the American election in their favor!

Fast Eddy
Fast Eddy 3 months

It wasn’t a “news ban”. It’s was restricting the access of people to their government (including EMS) via the Facebook site. Which, is as good a reason as any for everyone to dump Facebook.

joseph flores
joseph flores 3 months

This is why globalization is troubling. American allows these companies to work within their borders, unchecked, and now its affecting other nations. All hiding behind the , it's a business line. Australia should just charge facebook a huge tax to work within their borders

Alex 3 months

Time to ban Facebook from the country. Create your own Aussiebook. Fuck zuckerburg

Texas 3 months

I am of mixed feelings on this one. I am no friend of Farcebook and am migrating to MeWe. That said, Australia passed a law to make Farcebook pay if a person decided to share news and not the person who is sharing it. Please correct me if I am wrong. That seems to have forced Farcebook's hand. That said, their censorship of free speech is un-defendable. They need to be reigned in! Let me ask you, if your phone company cut you off because they were listening to your conversations and decided that they didn't like what you were saying, what do you think would happen? Especially in the USA. Maybe Social Media Giants should be regulated as public utilities.

That Guy
That Guy 3 months

Screw FB. Let them get their news elsewhere.

World 3 months

DarpaBook needs to d!e. Enjoy your hole next to Myspace 😂

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