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Facebook to redouble efforts to crack down on climate misinformation

Facebook to redouble efforts to crack down on climate misinformation

Facebook said it is upping its efforts to combat misinformation about climate change by increasing the reach of its Climate Science Information Center. The CSIC will now be available for Facebook users in 12 new countries: Belgium, Brazil, Canada, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Mexico, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Spain, South Africa and Taiwan. It is currently available in France, Germany, UK and US.

Silence Dogood
Silence Dogood 3 months

But you sheep will continue to use it...

The Autarch
The Autarch 3 months

Facebook continues to show itself as a publisher, not a town square where everyone has a voice, in other words. A publisher of propaganda, no less. Humans have a negligible and fleeting impact on climate change - no sentient species becomes a Kardishev Type 1 civilisation by accident. The timber industry replaces the trees it cuts down, the oceans play an enormous role in the absorption and processing of atmospheric gases, and the sun is still the reigning champ of planetary climate change. Anthropogenic climate change is a myth, and the climate movement is propaganda used to shame mostly white nations into destabilizing their energy sector (recent example: Texas) while countries like India and China produce the most pollutants in the world. Deal with it.

Vark 3 months

So if I post articles from scientists who claimed in 70s/80sby 2020 thr earth would be frozen or covered in water from melted ice caps, would this fall under these rules? They said the same science was settled back then...

92cooks 3 months

Why do people still use this pos service?

Ken Williams
Ken Williams 3 months

Boycott is the simplest and easiest form of protest. Those that can't be bothered to boycott for what they believe in, can't be relied upon for anything.

jon 3 months

I am shocked anyone still voluntarily uses this crappy, fascist platform. Welp, at least Parler's back on (for now).

Devin 3 months

Climate change deniers, flat earthers, anti-vaxxers & Trumptards assemble! Seriously though, the sooner your subspecies expires, the sooner humanity moves a quantum leap forward

GB Oz 3 months

Looks to me like FB and other big tech, are heading for a reckoning this year from everyone around the world This is BS, as FB has taken money from the Chinese to push their lies, and propaganda on genocide for the Uyghers. FB and Twitter are both corrupt, are both publishers and both a place who chase profits and their algorithms above everything else.

World 3 months

Great Reset Puppets!!!

IvoryDove 3 months

Fascism is a natural state of people in power.

Shawn 3 months

As Texas is frozen under lots of snow... I hownder what the global warming theorists have to say?

Doladin 3 months

The propaganda generation

mike 3 months

The misinformation is from the loony leftists

Phoenix 3 months

Join MeWe, they don’t manipulate your feed or harvest your data.

Aaron 3 months

Publish it in Australia as news!

Que Pasta
Que Pasta 3 months

So who are the gatekeepers of the official "truth"?

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