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Texans suffer coldest temperatures in decades, food scarcity hits residents

Texans suffer coldest temperatures in decades, food scarcity hits residents

Texas’s is witnessing the coldest temperatures in decades. The mercury dipped to 2-degrees below zero in the Dallas-Fort Worth area Tuesday. The freeze caused power outages affecting millions. Now, supermarkets across the state are running desperately low on food. Meanwhile, the state has urged its residents to boil water. At least 50 Texans have died so far due to the extreme cold weather.

Tom A
Tom A
Robert_Clearwater 3 months

Texas, you will endure. I love you people no matter the skin color or your voting habits. Teksas stronk.

Montgomery 3 months

Then stop sending free food to Africa. 80% of Africa's food imports are free and most is from America I'm African and the idea of going from 1.3 billion to 5 billion before 2100 all supported by free food just seems like a bad long term plan. How will this be sustained long term? How will they find work in the internet economy? Do we really need more people or do they need to reduce their family size from 10? Indira has a successful population mechanism that will leave them at no increase by 2040. Shouldn't we expect it from a continent that is literally living on handouts?

Silver 3 months

Am I reading correctly that it's -2 degrees Celsius there? Amazing how hard this is to handle if your state isn't used to those temperatures. This is, or at least used to be, an absolutely mild winter temperature where I come from.

OmegaDMM 3 months

That fan with icicles hanging from it, if you got that going on within two days of cold weather, you got much worse problems to deal with besides just some cold temperatures.

World 3 months

Enron vibes... Staged indeed

Crispycake 3 months

Me in new Hampshire: Wimps.

The Oracle8191
The Oracle8191 3 months

An interesting realization that I had upon repeatedly seeing it over and over again here in Texas: It's amazing and beautiful when HEB (our statewide grocery chain) is better equipped and more willing to help Texans than the state government. And people think that MORE government is the answer 😂

Doug Star
Doug Star 3 months

When will tex_(-o-)ers resort to cannibalism? They already suk and might as well eat it too!

karl 3 months

Its revealing how delusional trumpers are blaming the whole thing on wind farms and renewable energy...

Jon 3 months

I love how the cultists are just avoiding every story on this. 🤣

harley 3 months

Title says coldest temps in a generation. Didn’t realize ten years ago was a generation...

Aaron 3 months

Leader Biden?

Top in U.S.