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Despite losing millions of users, WhatsApp to implement its new policy

Despite losing millions of users, WhatsApp to implement its new policy

WhatsApp will implement the controversial changes to its policy that saw the Facebook-owned messaging app losing tens of millions of users signing up for rival apps, like Signal and Telegram. Following the exodus and backlash, WhatsApp said it was a ’victim of misinformation.’ It said the phrasing of the changes led to fears that it was going to share large amounts of its data with Facebook.

Tom A
Tom A
Matt 1 months

Maybe we understand that when a company harvests our information, they put us in the open, so they can monetize our attention better. After Experian, to name a big issue, you'd think 1) companies would be less likely to harvest data for profit, because 2) people would become more disgusted by our identities being used for profit, and trade. The security expert is correct. WhatsApp accidentally put a spotlight on privacy concerns that most people would have, if they were aware. With data breaches and identity theft being so rampant, I also understand why people would be complacent even if they knew. What's the point? Tech loses our data all the time.

Jerry Mandering
Jerry Mandering 1 months

“No, no the misinformation was that we’re going to do this, when in fact we already had” 🤪

GB Oz 1 months

Who would use it now with FB sticking their noses and algorithms into everything. FB is now on a slow roll to death.

TexasReb 1 months

One of the problems with Facebook doing this is that many people in underdeveloped countries use it to communicate with each other almost exclusively. In fact; in Peru where my wife ia from, the cell phone companies don't count either Facebook or WhatsApp usage as data usage so it's free for them. It charges as internet usage for ALL other apps. I can imagine that other countries are the same.

Sigfried 1 months

Meanwhile, in Ancient Greece: "I know I made wild, passionate love to that leper, but there's no way I caught leprosy."

World 1 months

Just don't use it. Simple

andreas 1 months

What is Facebook? Just asking

Indo 1 months

Well it was bound to happen. Just like Facebook n google. And in the End ....

joe 1 months

My Whatsapp policy was to delete WhatsApp

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