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Texas grid failure ignites feud over GOP oversight of the energy industry

Texas grid failure ignites feud over GOP oversight of the energy industry

The Texas grid failure has ignited a feud between Democrats and the GOP over Republicans’ decades-long oversight of the energy industry. Texas has avoided federal regulation by establishing its own power grid that’s cut off from the rest of the country. However, that system collapsed this week from a surge in energy demand. ’We are nearing a failed state in Texas,’ said former Rep. Beto O’Rourke.

Hannibal 2 months

Why is this complicated? The state grid isn't winterized for freak cold snaps like what just occurred. This weather is rare and winterizing that kind of infrastructure seemed unnecessary given the enormous expense. Now they realize the damage it can cause even when said weather is extremely rare. Why does this need to be a political referendum? My home state, California, has blackouts ANNUALLY due to ridiculous energy policy and that doesn't hit the news.

MyVoice 2 months

Corruption and greed put Texas in the dark. Not much different from the third world countries.

michael 2 months

It could regulate it so that they can be part of the national grid. They should also look at what the scandinavian countries do with their windmills. TX was warned about how to keep their windmills clear of ice. They said "we don't regulate business" and people died. I hope the voters remember that.

WWIII 2 months

Trump already called out our Texas power grid and specifically said the windmills are a problem and he was criticized because he didn’t have any education and all the smart people said he was wrong, why don’t they report that he was right? Oh yeah... orange man bad!!

David 2 months

Invest in THR who is also based in Texas.

Seekster 2 months

We will get to the bottom of this and there will be hell to pay.

Björn Westman
Björn Westman 2 months

If Beto has an opinion , then the opposite is the truth... What an egghead...

Mutatis 2 months

"In a conference call Monday, Dan Woodfin, ERCOT’s senior director of system operations, said generators followed best practices for winterization, but the severity of the weather went “well beyond the design parameters of an extreme Texas winter"...The Texas Legislature passed a law in 2011 requiring power companies to file regular reports with the Texas Public Utility Commission about their weatherization efforts." Seems like it should be simple to verify whether ERCOT is being straightforward if you have regular reports being filed.

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