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Google fires another top researcher on its AI ethics team

Google fires another top researcher on its AI ethics team

Google has fired a lead AI ethics researcher. ’I’m fired,’ Margaret Mitchell tweeted. After reviewing ’this manager’s conduct, we confirmed that there were multiple violations of our code of conduct,’ Google said. Mitchell was suspended in response to her downloading and sharing documents. Mitchell recently said she was troubled by the firing of Timnit Gebru, her co-leader on the AI ethics team.

FirstCensorshipThenJail 3 months

Hire lunatic communists critical theory religious death cult members your bound to have problems.

Jon 3 months

Well, I for one would like to know what Gebru's paper said. Perhaps she could release it publicly? Anything Google is willing to fire someone over deserves a read.

Jackson 3 months

I too answered "multi track drifting" when asked what choice I would make in the trolley dilemma

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 3 months

Diversity code word for anti white.

Indo 3 months

Ah finally the great googlie mooglie is having a rumble of its very own. They need a good Zucker trick. Maybe even his famous hattrick

IvoryDove 3 months

"Ethics? We don't need no stinkin ethics!" ~ Google

Tezla 3 months

Safety and security of an advanced artificial intelligence vs some downloaded Google docs.

World 3 months

Google k!lled scott krulcik and other outspoken googlers

truth seeker
truth seeker 3 months

I'm sure it will not be for the better

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