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Beijing warned by US against using force in South China Sea

Beijing warned by US against using force in South China Sea

China has been warned by the United States against the use of force in disputed waters, and the United States has also reaffirmed its view that Beijing’s assertive campaign in the South China Sea is illegal. This comes in the backdrop of a new legislation adopted by China that authorizes its coastguard to use weapons against foreign ships that Beijing considers to be unlawfully entering its waters

Tom A
Tom A
Robert_Clearwater 1 months

It is never a good idea to underestimate an enemy, but I not aware of China being able to project any control much farther than its immediate coast line. Should a CCP warship engage in combat, there are literally a dozen countries in the immediate vicinity that will respond in kind. China's economy is so heavily dependant on exports and the coastal towns will so quickly be blockaded, their wermacht will quickly stop functioning. I almost want them to do something just so we can get on with it.

Seekster 1 months

We won't use force in International Waters like the South China Sea if you don't.

GB Oz 1 months

This all could have been slowed down and maybe prevented, if the likes of Obama had paid more attention and engaged the rest of th world who has an interest.

my opinion may offend you
my opinion may offend you 1 months

This comment is not about who is in office whether its Biden Trump Obama Bush or Monroe for that matter. I dont believe that what China does in the South China sea is any of our (USA) business. Make a deal with them give them the South China Sea if they remove Kim Jong un.

Nathaniel 1 months

This is actually far more than what most people would think. That’s just a reference and the DOD makes this about a few different countries. China has been doing this for awhile, and you would think that other nations would respond in kind, but china has the largest, not the best, but the largest navy in the world; there’s a lot of tension with not only china but other nations that have claims in the SCS, the Asia Martime something, i forgot the name has a map depicting the various claims and quite a few overlap. China has been attacking vessels and some nations just bow to them. China’s dominance in the region is a big deal, and what they’re doing is a big deal. America could ignore them but this is such a vital trade area, as well as a question of appeasement, Hitler killed lets say 10 million, Mao killed many more, and he’s still in power, Chinese citizens have been beaten for talking ill of him by other citizens, he’s dead but his legacy is still here. China will keep expanding and if you look at that link i have here, just scroll until you see their missile capabilities, they are so much closer to the US than you think and they will only get closer. China is literally intergrating everything with their military, and i doubt they’ll stop themselves.

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