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Canada vows to be next country to go after Facebook to pay for news

Canada vows to be next country to go after Facebook to pay for news

Canada has vowed to make Facebook pay for news content. This comes after Facebook blocked all Australian news content on its service over proposed legislation requiring it and Google to pay fees to Australian publishers for news links. Canada condemned Facebook’s action and said it would not deter Ottawa. Canadian Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault said Canada could adopt the Australian model.

K. 1 weeks

Who on earth relies on fb for news?

bobby_5150 1 weeks

While I don't like Facebook, and wouldn't shed a tear if Zuckerberg rotted in jail for his crimes, with around 1/3 of the earths population using Facebook, I don't see this ending well for Australia or Canada.

🤡🌐🙅🏿‍♀️ 1 weeks

Canada has no right to demand money for Facebook hosting specific links. I don't support Facebook (actually i actively encourage people to delete their Facebook) but the government demanding money is not acceptable either.

Ian 1 weeks

Please don't follow the Australian model. The legislation in place which has yet to be finally voted on by the Upper House just props up big media like Newscorp. It does nothing for small to medium publishers. Murdoch and Co have a broken model and are looking for someone else to pay for their falling advertising revenue. Our Gov just playing lap dogs to the big boys. FB didn't create the problem, big media took advantage of the platform and are now squealing.

Ken Williams
Ken Williams 1 weeks

I posted this last night... now the headline is changed and the name switched to Clara? What tf are these NewsVoice mods doing?

James 1 weeks

Since when was it government's job to pick fights with fb and news media outlets? Can't they fight for themselves anymore?

John W
John W 1 weeks


Joe Joyce
Joe Joyce 1 weeks

Bro canada is just gonna get blocked too

GB Oz 1 weeks

They had it coming, even blind freddy could see this. The beginning of the big tech reckoning

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