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In an ususual move, Newsmax host runs segment attacking Biden’s dog

In an ususual move, Newsmax host runs segment attacking Biden’s dog

Newsmax host Greg Kelly and a guest on his show went on a rant attacking the appearance of President Biden’s dog. Kelly said that Champ looks like he’s ’from the junkyard.’ ’This dog needs a bath and a comb and all kinds of love and care. I’ve never seen a dog in the White House like this’, Kelly said. The guest on the show, historian Craig Shirley, joined in, calling Champ ’dirty and disheveled.’

Mary 2 months

Guess he's never seen an elderly dog or a German Sheperd before. *eyeroll* Maybe he needs to look up on what dogs look like before commenting.

Miranda 2 months

This is so dumb. It’s only going to hurt our country more by wasting time that could be spent giving valid criticisms, discussing policy etc.

Rodrigo Teresa
Rodrigo Teresa 2 months

This is just how it's gonna go now. The media shat an anyone and anything even tangentially related to trump for 4 years, not even his 10 year old kid was off the table. it's stupid but the precedent had been set and now we have to live with it

Tyler 2 months

All the negatives things you can say about Biden, and you use your network time to criticize his Dog? Talk about a waste of time and resources smh

Charles 2 months

Could this be considered Biden Derangement Syndrome?

Chris Wright
Chris Wright 2 months

I don’t see what’s so bad about Biden’s dog. He looks like a perfectly fine to me

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