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US deports 95-year-old who was a Nazi concentration camp guard

US deports 95-year-old who was a Nazi concentration camp guard

The US has deported Friedrich Karl Berger, a 95-year-old former guard at a Nazi concentration camp, to Germany. Berger has lived in the US since 1959. Berger has admitted working as a guard at the Neuengamme concentration camp but said he did not witness any killings or abuse. German prosecutors have dropped their case against him for lack of evidence. However, police are due to question him.

Ken Williams
Ken Williams 3 months

He witnessed no abuse or murders. Because the whole thing is a shame. And Germany has dropped their case against him. If it's just for police questioning, why couldn't they do it over webcam? 25 year old illegal alien rapist drunk driver? That's fine. 95 year old legal immigrant that was one a member of a political party that you hate? DEPORT

Ken Williams
Ken Williams 3 months

In 75 years, Trump supporters will be written about like they write about the Naxis now. "They locked millions of people in cages. Murdered immigrants. And even labeled citizens as illegal and rounded them up in concentration camps called ICE facilities. Then they'd drown them in the Rio Grand. Look at these photos of the bodies! That is why uncle Jerry was arrested and executed. He supported Adolf Trump 65 years ago í ˝""

WWIII 3 months

He didn’t do anything other than follow orders, he never witnessed any murders or abuse... leave him alone, a 95 year old man is not a political pawn, this could kill him...

jennifer 3 months

Wtf is wrong with you ppl? Leave him alone you say? Just doing his job? This could kill him? GOOD- let it kill him! Obviously none of you know about WWII. There's countless documentaries on it, analyzing all aspects of the war, including the psychology of the German ppl, the German soldier. You must learn history!!! This man participated in horrific acts of violence upon his fellow Germans and other humans. He should have been killed long ago. For him to have been allowed to live a long life is inconceivable when he took the lives of so many. Those guards were not innocents or "just doing their job". They were monsters and are still monsters. I hope he gets buried in a ditch. His children and grandchildren should be publicly shamed. Their names should be kept in holocaust archives. Men like this are responsible for the nazi movement being kept alive across the world. He's no poor old man; he's a war criminal and needs to pay for his crimes against humanity. Dear God! You ppl are the reason for the rise of drumpf. You know nothing. You don't study history. You don't bother educating yourselves in anything! How old are you all? You should all be ashamed. To have such a lackadaisical attitude about one of the most horrific political régimes in history! What a disservice you do to all the soldiers who fought against the axis! Is this your attitude towards all Allied soldiers?! Their sacrifices are just meh, whatever?! Perhaps you'll take 2 minutes to read this one tiny article. Now spend the rest of the evening studying how Hitler came to power. I wish I could make every one of you write a 50 page report on it!

Montgomery 3 months

Imprisoning a 95 year old for a crime that they couldn't convict him 60 years ago... as if he can remember anything atm. He is probably more senile than Biden

Barry 3 months

Germany wants him back for something. They're just not saying what right now.

JoeSchmo 3 months

Oy vey

White mana matters
White mana matters 3 months

What? Did he use the wrong pronouns on Twatter?

Indo 3 months

Here we go again. Good just can't get their just desserts, can they !? Even with current Palestine deaths.

fecfur 3 months

because its out of jurisdiction duh

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 3 months

Germany's acquittal doesn't mean much considering they have only convicted 50 guards of war crimes when there were about 7000 who guarded the camps. If Germany was reliable in convicting their own, The Hague wouldn't have been necessary. Justice should ALWAYS be found and, if nothing else, he should have to answer in court. He's had 70 years to speak up and decided to stay silent. Maybe he didn't kill anyone but he did make sure none of them escaped in order to survive. Its kind of like saying the only hijackers on 9/11 who committed murder were the ones in the cockpit and the ones guarding the door bore no responsibility.

Hayden 3 months

I like how it's always a certain political side that comes to these people's defence

Mohamed 3 months

let bygones be bygones

Rocket 3 months


Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 3 months

Leave the old man alone he was just doing his job.

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