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Biden’s AG pick says he’ll supervise prosecution of White supremacists

Biden’s AG pick says he’ll supervise prosecution of White supremacists

Judge Merrick Garland, President Biden’s nominee for attorney general, has called the January 6 attack on the Capitol a ’heinous attack’ in his prepared opening statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee. There is a scheduled confirmation hearing for Garland on Monday. ’If confirmed, I will supervise the prosecution of white supremacists and others who stormed the Capitol,’ he said.

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 3 months

You had a chance to reach across the isle and create a good bipartisan bill, instead you peddled bs and a terrible bill. You promised $2,000 and now you're calling on republicans to deliver $1,400 and billions for foreign entities and bail outs for failed blue States

flinx101 3 months

Just who are these white supremacists they are talking about? Frankly, i don't see how white supremacy is even illegal. Repugnant and disgusting ideology, but just that an ideology based on an idea. Are ideas the next thing to be criminalized?

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 3 months

When will he conduct an investigation into Hunter Biden or the ANTIFA/BLM riots? I'll wait...

Tiktator 3 months

Oh good so he wont be doing much since there are barely any white supremacist. Unless they mean conservatives?

IvoryDove 3 months

Shouldn't the goal be to eliminate "Racial Supremists" regardless of the race? I'll bet there's more Black Supremists and La Raza Supremists and Asian Supremists in the USA than "White Supremists". Why not go after ALL racists?

Matthew 3 months

First, White Supremacy, while repugnant, is an idea and all ideas are legal in the United States. I assume that they are talking about prosecuting crimes committed in service of white supremacy. That is fine by me with two concerts. My first concern is that in the United States we are supposed to have equal protection under the laws. Currently, it seems like some ideologies get a pass while others don't (same with some people). My second concern is what they call white supremacy. In a world where the Proud Boys are considered white supremacist with a non-white leader, a large non-white membership percentage and expressly saying they do not care about race, who isn't a white supremacist? It seems like one side of the isle has decided that anything they don't like is white supremacy and they use that to strip those they don't like of their rights and to punish them for their political ideas.

Kevin 3 months

Let's prosecute those that have burned, looted, defaced, stole, Oregon, Chicago, Wisconsin, Minneapolis, why is one event more critical than all the rest ? Does a Title of a organization make it right of wrong 🙈🙉🙊🤯

FirstCensorshipThenJail 3 months

With Beijing Biden's anarcho-communist definition that means everyone that disagrees with Anarcho-Communism. Everyone that disagrees with the Mainstream Medias's propaganda is a "White Supremacist" according to Critical Theory.

GreenMachine 3 months

And the investigation on Hunter Biden? And how exactly do you intend to prove someone is a white Supreme supremacist? I didn't realize the storming of the capital was to oust a black president. I didn't realize Bidden would do so much to give black people jobs, or lower crime in black neighborhoods, or even give us an overwhelming sense of self-confidence and self-sufficiency.

Shawn 3 months

I’m sure he does... too bad that they don’t exist. IF they do exist... they were prob created by the democrats rhetoric. The 90’s weren’t like this and neither were the early 2000’s. This divisiveness was created by the race hustler Obama. He went into office with all the right messages, then changed his tone and focused on dividing us. He’s the pos puppet that created the division. What make you people actually think that his VP is going to do anything but make things worse. I mean....remember, they’re from the party, who’s constituents said that milk is racist. Ok hand symbol is racist. The bowl cut is racist. Etc.

Eddie 3 months

Biden has said a whole lot of things that fall into the soft bigotry of low expectations about non-white races catagory which makes him by definition a racist. Will he be on that list as well.

Rocky 3 months

He should start with the racist in chief. How are they going to be the most racist administration of my adult life and also try to be against white supremacy? I feel like what they really mean is we will use "white supremacy" as a cover to persecute our political opponents because Jim Crow Joe is definitely not against white supremacists as illustrated by his actions and his words. Just last week he was talking about how hispanic and black people are too stoopid to use the internet.🤦🏽‍♂️

A user you may know
A user you may know 3 months

Because all of the people at the capital that day had white hoods. Damn merrick is an absolute idiot. What else would you expect from a Biden buddy though?

Qyonge 3 months

Confederates lost again. Lest We Forget. Nazis going to jail. Thats USA 3, white supremecists 0. Had a good shot, but it was the weakest effort by far. Take another L for the next 100 years. If you are offended I will remind you what you are up against, the Northern Liberal World Order Capitalist Democracy, United States of America. This is only the beginning of war reperations, The People have spoken, there will be No Place for terrorists and fascists. Republicans are weakened themselves by empowering sepertists, Democrats solidified the union between humane politics and good business, despite the efforts to sabotage good will between man by the devil's children, GOD has kept our hopes and dreams from collapsing.

Robo 3 months

Remember, white supremacists means non progressive when a progressive says it. The purge begins. Make sure you're armed.

Brandon Fitzgerald
Brandon Fitzgerald 3 months

I've seen no evidence that any of the capitol rioters were white supremacists. A few wacky Qanon people, sure, but no white supremacists.

David Foxfire
David Foxfire 3 months

First they come for Trump. Then they come for the ones that worked for him. Then they come for his supporters. Then they come for anyone who voted for him. How far down that list is me? How far down that list is you?

Mutatis 3 months

Just making the shenanigans that Republicans pulled to keep him off the Supreme Court seem justified.

Paraffin 3 months

Attacking white supremacy makes it more popular, not less. I really have to thank Biden, I had hoped for a racist in office but I didn't think he'd be so good at it

Aleks 3 months

The stunning ignorance on these forums is loud and clear... Do some reading on the history of the United States... White supremacist believe only white people should matter in the country. The rest are second class non citizens without any rights... In principle they can be enslaved again... That is a repugnant ideology, basically the same as National socialists

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