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Gunman who killed two at Louisiana gun store showed no sign before shooting

Gunman who killed two at Louisiana gun store showed no sign before shooting

The sheriff Jefferson Parish, Metairie, Louisiana said the customer at a New Orleans-area gun store who shot dead another customer and a store worker showed no sign of anger or agitation before suddenly opening fire. The sheriff said the gunman, Joshua Williams, 27, had a legal permit to carry a gun. He had fire 32 rounds before was killed in a subsequent shootout in front of a parking lot.

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 2 weeks

“He was sadly out of control of a situation because of a big time anger control issue,” the woman, Janice Hutchinson, wrote. “He was a victim of many social ills that plague too many young Black men who were born and raised in poverty in one of the wealthiest nations in the world.”.... ..........Screw you.........

Diddy 1 weeks

"he was the victim of racism" is why he killed two innocent people? How much more can we blame on racism before people start to see the hypocrisy right in front of their faces? This man was an evil piece of garbage, let's leave race out of it for once?

Cooper 1 weeks The only solution to ending gun violence is we change our laws. That is it. Talk is cheap. Nothing changes until our laws change. The only reason our cops kill more citizens per capita than any other nation in the world is because of our lax gun laws. I it's impossible to always blame the cop who kills an unarmed person, when the cop lives with the knowledge that anyone they happen upon could be armed and ready to kill... Until our laws change and the gun lobby gets out of Washington, gun violence will always be a way of life in America.

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