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SCOTUS paves way for release of Trump’s tax returns

SCOTUS paves way for release of Trump’s tax returns

Former President Trump suffered a major setback on Monday in his quest to conceal details of his finances, after the SCOTUS paved the way for a NYC prosecutor to obtain his tax returns and other financial records. The decision was announced in an order with no noted dissents. Reacting on the ruling, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance said, ’The work continues.’

David 1 weeks

People just need to realize that, the FBI, CIA, and IRS have all probably seen his tax returns and if anything criminal was in it that would have most likely leaked it by now since they hated Trump. So I wouldn't get your hopes up on anything interesting being in there.

Jon 1 weeks

Anyone claiming it's a waste of tax payer dollars needs to realize that you look incredibly silly after the past 4 years. It's immature and embarrassing so just stop. 🤦‍♂️

Shaun 1 weeks

Ha ha loser Trump. Times almost up for you, Donnie boy! 😂😂

steve 1 weeks

Funny to me that it is not suspicious at all to MAGA that he has fought so hard to conceal his tax returns if their release would be so innocuous. The so called “leak” has never been confirmed as actual by either prosecutors or Trump.

chris 1 weeks

This is a good step 1, step 2 make all politicians tax records public records.

Random Bit
Random Bit 1 weeks

Kathy (article summary writer): maybe he isn’t trying to “conceal” anything (other than his personal information)? Seeing as he has certified accountants who work on his returns, lodge them and then deals with the resulting outcome and audits and whatever else in tax world needs doing?

John W
John W 1 weeks

Yea it's a corporation, he doesn't decide how the accounting is done. It's all done with outside accounting firms. I guess they could fine, the corporation. But Trump can't be held personally responsible for even a made up charges. I guess they might try to spin how much he makes or doesn't make, as propaganda but that's about it.

Kyle G
Kyle G 1 weeks

Does anyone actually care? I wish more people would get away with paying less in taxes.

Csaba 1 weeks

What are you going to find? 4 plus years of anger and hate, name calling etc. , you will see that he is a millionaire and lots of legal loopholes!! Whoop!!!

Gloria 1 weeks

Trump should have shown his taxes years ago. He wouldn't be saying peoples are out to get him. The fight he put up to hide his taxes make people's believe he been doing something crook. It will all come very soon.

Dave 1 weeks

And we continue to see the political machine attempt to persecute a citizen of the United States and crucify him in front of the entire world as an example to never defy their authority. You know, like a free and open democracy does.

Lev !🇺🇸 MINISTRY OF TRUTH 1 weeks

I'm sorry I must have missed it in the news how much money did Donald Trump donate to help Texans in trouble? Self-professed billionaire from New York can't help his constituents? I heard that AOC raised over 4 million dollars quickly and went down to Texas to deliver the aid when and where it was needed. And Republicans congratulations what a great example of deregulated energy sector in Texas, not to mention the multi-thousand dollar electrical bills as a result of it. How would you like to get an electrical bill at $17,000 per month? I don't know about America but I know that Donald Trump and Cruz definitely made Texas great again, a great failure again, just from the point of view of infrastructure and quality of services delivered to the residents.

Cas The Demon
Cas The Demon 1 weeks

We're still on this shite?

Indo 1 weeks

An all american newsflash !! He has left office. There is another man in that office. He is now making new waves. Wakey, wakey, wakey !!!

Nina X.
Nina X. 1 weeks

Still can’t believe that one alluding to a past president engaging in illegal acts warrants name-calling. OH YEAH THAT’S WHAT YOU’RE ALL DOING All the people that commented trying pin someone else as crazy, on meds, etc. you should stop now because that literally goes right against leftist rhetoric so yeah be a little more consistent. Start fighting for crazy peoples rights too rather than shaming them and directing insults. Oh yeah we only care about someone’s rights when it’s a hashtag but when it comes to actually being a decent human in the comments section we start discriminating :-) find a better argument honeys, trying to pin another as crazy isn’t that effective

Kyle 1 weeks

You can't stop the work!

Doug Star
Doug Star 1 weeks

Good! Ratfoooker just could be Riker's last admitted inmate! He'll die behind those prison walls! Yeah! And no Qanon Coo Coo puffs, he's not gonna be presidentially inaugurated on March 4th either!

Tiggs 1 weeks

DTs tax returns will be an eye opener to everyone. He and all the rest of the people in his financial bracket, on all sides of the political spectrum contribute very little to the country that they live in. That is a problem in my book.

Jon 1 weeks

Good, can't hide behind presidential immunity anymore.

ruben 1 weeks

We finally get to look at the crook tax returns.

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