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Barack Obama to launch podcast with Bruce Springsteen

Barack Obama to launch podcast with Bruce Springsteen

Former US President Barack Obama is slated to release an eight episode podcast with world renowned rock star Bruce Springsteen on Spotify. The podcast will explore the differing backgrounds and perspectives of the two men, and cover topics such as race, marriage, fatherhood and other contemporary issues in America.

Rocky 1 months

It looks like Bruce should be in an alcoholics anonymous meeting rather than a podcast. These two horrible humans in one room is a hard pass for me. Here's a title though "The Corrupt Murderer and Drunk Show".

Matt 1 months

I have zero self-recognized exposure to Sprintsteen. I know the name, and I'm sure I've encountered his culture bubbles, but I forget who he is. Seems like lots don't like him. I'll give it a blind shot and not set expectations.

Patty 1 months

Two jerrks

Ken Williams
Ken Williams 1 months

Come on Barack, Springsteen? Really? I'd listen to an Obama podcast, but not with that talentless hack. He's annoying.

Doug 1 months

Given his populist themes, I would have expected Springsteen to be more allied with Bernie Sanders and his message

Nunya 1 months

Can't wait to not listen.

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