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Trump lashes out after SCOTUS decision on his financial records

Trump lashes out after SCOTUS decision on his financial records

Former President Trump on Monday slammed the SCOTUS for declining to halt the turnover of his tax records to a NY prosecutor. Referring to it as ’a continuation of the greatest political Witch Hunt in the history of our Country,’ Trump said the court ’should never have let this ’fishing expedition’ happen, but they did.’ ’I will fight on, just as I have, for the last five years ,’ he added,

Yuko Kawasaki
Yuko Kawasaki 2 months

If he’s got nothing to hide why is he trying to? I mean if he knows he’d innocent why so angry over getting investigated... just cooperate to get it over fast. It’s like hearing a meow from a persons box and asking them “is it a cat in there?” And the person aggressively denying it and then refuses to open the box yet insists that there is no cat in it. It could get settled so easily but they throw a very suspicious temper tantrum instead. Ridiculous.

coughdrop1989 2 months

I'd actually like to see Biden's tax returns. I already know Trump is a scummy billionaire. They all are, but Joe is suppose to be a model citizen right? I mean most of our politicians make roughly 200k a year. 40 years x 200k = 8 million bucks. Like to see how all those private under the table investments have done for you mister president.

Doug Star
Doug Star 2 months

Lash away ratfoooooker! Won't stop your being sent to NY State prison for the rest of your life. Ya'll ready for that?

Tetelestai 2 months

the bottom line is this. SCOTUS violated the US Constitutions 4th amendment. which guarantees our security is our PAPERS, possessions and property. there has to be evidence that a crime was committed and an issued warrant to justify seizing a person's effects. in this case, there is no proof. NY is fishing for evidence to go after a private citizen. for those of you who are politically supporting this, keep on mind that you could be next. the US Constitution is in place to protect all of us... including those that hate the US Constitution and your country.

Ranger 2 months

Not a witch-hunt it’s a criminal investigation. If you did not break the law you should have nothing to worry about. By the way trump is whining in my opinion there is some thing to worry about.

Gerardo 2 months

Topic: Trumps taxes Comments Benghazi! Emails! Fraud! Birth Certificate! It’s always something else not the topic. Taxes will be bad he’s a sneaky businessman who cares. He didn’t fix anything like the previous and future politicians. They have us divided and distracted they won.

Robert 2 months

TOO BAD jerk , the world will now know,how you stole, cheated and lied you’re way through the financial world.

MrBlueSky 2 months

Trump cult members: NO! HOW DARE THEY THOSE TRAITORS! Normal people:

Thomas 2 months

Had he never run for office, his tax records probably would never have been scrutinized.

Robert Palmer
Robert Palmer 2 months

The real question is why SCOTUS dropped the 2020 election fraud cases but went forward with this quagmire

Tj 2 months

If he didn’t want these problems he probably shouldn’t have let Cohen take the fall for his hush money payments. These NY cases are the result of cohens congressional testimony. I hear he recently has been talking with the new prosecutor as well.

Rafael 2 months

Toni who cares we the American people care for four years trump and his family have been running a criminal enterprise and knowone cared and look where it got us. The final crime attack the capital. Some of you republicans should be ashamed of yourself. You are unamerican.

Christopher 2 months

Justice will come to this “witch”. It’s just a matter of time. Maybe Vladimir Putin will rescue him. A dictator and wannabe dictator.

Rafael 2 months

Atlas shrugged dershowits and trump will make good cellmates.

S 2 months


Patrick 2 months

Lol, yet another example of Trump only seeing things through the lens of “What have you done for me lately?”

Dawn 2 months

Too bad, so sad😩 For once I’m your life you will be held accountable!

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 2 months

A month out of office and TDS is still alive and strong. I love how TRUMP lives rent free in so many ppls brain. I'll go to the bar later and have a few drinks and laughs.

Alex 2 months

I thought he said he would release his taxes. I thought he said he had nothing to hide?

Doug Star
Doug Star 1 months

Hope ratfooooker gets "Deliveranced" in a NY State Penitentiary...preferably at Riker's Island.

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