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Trump lashes out after SCOTUS decision on his financial records

Trump lashes out after SCOTUS decision on his financial records

Former President Trump on Monday slammed the SCOTUS for declining to halt the turnover of his tax records to a NY prosecutor. Referring to it as ’a continuation of the greatest political Witch Hunt in the history of our Country,’ Trump said the court ’should never have let this ’fishing expedition’ happen, but they did.’ ’I will fight on, just as I have, for the last five years ,’ he added,

John 1 weeks

He must still be under audit with the IRS this has to be the longest audit in American history

Jon 1 weeks

His own personal lawyer testified UNDER OATH Trump committed tax fraud in order to obtain loans he had no business of obtaining. That he would inflate his assets in order to obtain those loans and then deflate his assets in order to skirt taxes that he should have been paying. Now the cultists and Trump himself like to argue he has the top tax people in the country doing his taxes. What you fail to realize is that you sign a waiver saying that the information you are submitting is legitimate so that the tax firm can not be held accountable for YOUR crimes. Do the cultists think this is acceptable?

Nathaniel 1 weeks

It’s interesting how people keep saying “ if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to worry about.” If he hasn’t committed a crime then they have no reason to go after him, I swear this is only news because people asked to see his records and he said no. This is not something you should want to happen because it will happen to others and it might just happen to you, but then when it’s you, you’ll be yelling it’s unfair.

Doug Star
Doug Star 1 weeks

Hope ratfooooker gets "Deliveranced" in a NY State Penitentiary...preferably at Riker's Island.

Phillip 1 weeks

Id suggest folks to go look at the 4th amendment, they will come for you to. They will go for the first and the second and now this 😂

Alex 1 weeks

I thought he said he would release his taxes. I thought he said he had nothing to hide?

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 1 weeks

A month out of office and TDS is still alive and strong. I love how TRUMP lives rent free in so many ppls brain. I'll go to the bar later and have a few drinks and laughs.

Patrick 1 weeks

Lol, yet another example of Trump only seeing things through the lens of “What have you done for me lately?”

S 1 weeks

Little mushroom d ick has a long list of legal battles ahead of him. Sit back and enjoy the show folks.

Dawn 1 weeks

Too bad, so sad😩 For once I’m your life you will be held accountable!

A Stable Genius lol
A Stable Genius lol 1 weeks

If you have nothing to hide what do you have to worry about? Russia much? Biggest con on the planet.

S 1 weeks


Rafael 1 weeks

Atlas shrugged dershowits and trump will make good cellmates.

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